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  1. Last night I was sitting at home alone, and decided I was going to smoke some weed by myself. So did, same as always, I probably smoked a little bit more than I usually do but I didn't think it would make a difference. The minute I finished I went inside to get some water and spilled it all over myself. So I cleaned it up and sat on my computer and about 2 minutes later started freaking out. I felt like I was trying to walk through really thick mashed potatoes, but it was so bad it was like I couldn't even move. I ran up and down my stairs like 30 times trying to shake it out of my system or lord knows what I was trying to do. I called my closest guy friend freaking out telling him not to tell my parents (who would probably stop paying for my college if they found out I was smoking in their house). I literally thought I was going to die. It was such a horrible feeling and I started having a panic attack, and I felt like I wasn't even really living.

    So what the hell was that? Is that normal or something? Or was it laced with something? I've smoked a decent amount of times in my life so far and nothing like that has ever happened to me.

    Keep in mind I'm a girl, so that's probably why I sound like such a little wimpy bitch.
  2. You just had a whitey. You smoked too much, got sick, had a panic attack. Make sure to always keep your blood sugar up if you're gonna smoke (eat beforehand) and just take it slow
  3. That would make sense. I hadn't eaten anything for 9 hours before that.
  4. yeah sounds like a whitey. Ive luckily never had one but i seem to spend alot of my time talking people down from them. its seriously happened about 7-8 times now lol.
    its normal just eat or have some juice or summit b4 u eat.
  5. Awesome. I seriously thought I was dying hahah. Whatever at least it wasn't laced with anything and I'm still alive.
  6. Actually something like this happened to me the other night, we where smoking a joint and a few pipes, then my brother and a few of his friends had the idea that we should go shoot my .45, its like 10:30 at night, I diddent want to be a buzz kill so i said ok. Fucking stupid idea but we live way out in the country (no zoning laws) and I had this idea that the cops were gonna show up. I started freaking out getting myself worked up until I almost had a panic attack. We did shoot the .45 and nothing happend but I still ended up throwing up. Talk about being embarased. I know I just got myself worked up, thinking that the police where gonna show up and bust us.
  7. Some of my freinds, even ones who burn frequently sometimes will get sick. I mean its happened like twice but still. If you dont eat anything, which they didnt, it happens. especially if you smoke alot
  8. I think the best thing to do when you have a panic attack is just go with the flow, and thusly, if your brain flips out on you and tells you to run away, just run for the hills and 99% of the time you'll chill out before you get to far just because of the scenery.
  9. I think some people are especially vulnerable to chunder. I know a guy who always vomits if he smokes too much weed and others who never do.
  10. Haha, I guess this really is common.
    Same thing happened to me on Friday.
    I ran around my house also.

    I made a thread on it:

    It was just a real bad panic attack.
    You'll probably have some minor ones after that even when you're not high. But by minor I mean nowhere near running around your house in a frenzy.

    My mom gave me a pill with lots of B vitamins in it about ten minutes ago, she said it would help the panic attacks and help me calm down. (I told her I feel really sick and I feel like I keep panicking about getting sick)

    Try those, they seem to be helping. Even if it's a placebo, anything is better than having another bad panic attack.
    I'm probably not going to blaze again, though. I don't want to risk that horrible experience again.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about it, or have any questions. :)
  11. arkady, i know what your saying. One of my friends I used to smoke with would turn green like 75% of the time after he smoked haha

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