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  1. Hello, (this is StonedS8ter btw i just changed my name) so i recentlly got on probation and havent been notified of my upcoming FIRST PISS TEST. And was doing great... I got on probation on September 8th and like i said was doing just wonderful.. i wasent smoking weed, drinking tons of water and was SURE i was gonna pass my drug test. So anyway, it has been awhile and i got persuaded into smoking weed (eventhough it was mostly me) And i smoked about a gram and of course, when i was high, i find out that my piss test will be on monday.. -_- just my fucking luck.. So since i found out on friday, and its sunday night i have been drinking tons of water all day and bought some detox pills that i will take 5 hours before i go in.. PLEASE HELP ITS AN EXTREME EMERGENCY if you know any other things i can do to prepare to pass the test please respond to this thread.. Freaking out here.

  2. niacin flushing.. pee once before the test... drink fluid... pee for test and niacin will help.. do a search on what kind you need but they sell it everywhere.
    this is NOT the only way, this is just one of many.
  3. The only time that weed can stay in your system for a month or more is if you smoke a lot, several times every day. If its been since before september 8th (not counting this recent time) since you smoked and you've been drinking water, you should be in the clear. I know because I have a friend in the Army that smokes once a month on fridays, and he's been piss tested the next monday and it was out of his system. Its all about moderation :)
  4. No i smoked on friday.. 2 days ago
  5. yes but besides that if you haven't smoked since the beginning of last month you should be fine. My friend smoked on a Friday and got pissed first thing monday and he was clear.
  6. I'm guessing your fucked
    No joke
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  8. So, how'd it go?

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