Freaking out while high?

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  1. I've never seen anybody have a bad experience under the influence of weed other than a few days ago, I was smoking with this girl (who has smoked plenty of times before) and she started freaking out saying she thinks shes going to die and everything is getting black, that in a few seconds shes going to pass out.

    She was saying she feels like "the girl from paranormal activity" and that she's possessed. Needless to say I was high as fuck sitting there freaked the fuck out, this other girl was looking at me like "what should we do?" and I was just fuckin tripping out.

    Why do you think this happened? I told her she just got really paranoid and started to believe all this shit cause she was so high, but she insists that wasn't it.
  2. This happened to my wife's best friend, pretty much exactly minus the paranormal activity stuff and she has not smoked since...been about 6 years. This chick had the finest blunt rolling skills I've ever seen too...she'll still roll one for us every now and then, but never smokes-says she's still afraid.
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    is there any chance that the weed was cut with something, or that you used a pipe used to smoke other unmentionables? because if not then your theory is probably correct. i myself have never heard of someone freaking out on such a level.

    i have however had one of my friends freak out and throw up. it was his second time smoking and he smoked way too much. if your friend has no tolerance and smoked too much that could be an explanation.
  4. She took too much to the head.

    Hah! Women.:cool:
  5. That sucks :(

    No because me and another girl smoked the exact same bud, we even smoked more of it actually.
  6. Panic attack mixed with paranoia.
  7. your story just caught my eye because a friend of mine recently told me he throws up every time he smokes weed, but it turned out that this was only because the girl he always smoked with was smoking crack out of the same pipe and he didn't know she smoked crack. after he smoked with me he knew the difference and confronted her. she felt bad and just said she didnt think using that pipe would do that.
  8. facelesspotato pretty much hit the nail on the head.
  9. i was once sold a laced gram. no idea what was in it but it was fucked. its more common then you think
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  11. I dont know about freaking out , but sometimes, when I smoke, I cant relax and idk why... its if I was worried about something all the time
  12. She probably smoked to much, that combined with her mindset and the place you smoked at the time most likely also added to it.

    Tell her next time just to be in a good place both mentally and physically..and to be prepared if she plans to get really blowed. I've learned in past experiences that if I get higher than I expect at the time of smoking it can bring on negative vibes since I'm caught off guard.

    Hope that helps a little.
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  14. I got to tell you, she either smoked too much OR she had no energy and needed to eat something. Ive had the feeling like im going to die like i was falling through the earth, and i tell u, after all the times i realised that i needed to eat somthing and as soon as i had a little energy, i went bac to a good high. Nobody listens to me when i tell em to. My mate had the same at a party, told him to eat and he came out hugging me because it
  15. Happened to someone I know everytime we used to smoke with her, We'd constantly just pass a bowl and give her only one hit and she'd panic thinking she wasent breathing and would just get wreckless rambling and shit.
    We broke her out of that though by building her tolerance up alot
  16. It's all about the music.

    [ame=]No Mercy - Where Do You Go - YouTube[/ame]
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