Freaking out my plants are hermies Help Pic

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by growmama, Feb 23, 2016.

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    Does this look like a hermie to you??
  2. Sorry i can't answer this one but i'm curious to see, i thought the nanners popped up in the buds. I had a plant hermie on my first run but it only showed a couple of balls.
  3. I wouldn't be too scared man they do look a little large but it could be the angle is it possible to post a couple pics from different angles and nodes
  4. It's not clear from your picture which just shows a node, but no male or female parts. Believe me, mate, you will know when you see those little bunches of 'nanners growing. Pistils are also distinct. Do a search and look at the differences. You will have no doubt. I usually pull the 'nanners on a hermie and grow it out as I just have a couple of plants at a time. If it's a full male, I'll chop.
    Good luck, from what I see it's a healthy plant. What week flowering are you in- by that I mean when did you go to 12/12 since it's not showing sex in this picture?
  5. Don't know man, I'm not seeing anything suspect. Let her rip until it really shows balls, if it does toss it. Always have a backup plan.
  6. I see nothing male in the picture. I DO see two internodal caylx with dried pistols on them. All typical female traits.
  7. Thank you all so much for the response ! I clicked them 12/12 last week on Tuesday. Just keep seeing all these little things and thinking they could be balls lol

    My friend gave me his seeds and they are from his hermied plants so now it seems like I am just waiting for them to turn. Our last grow with these seeds actually did amazing and found a few seeds in the buds but it was amazing bud. Just had to go through and pick out a few seeds.

    We are newbies so didn't know much about all that stuff. And needed to get another grow under way fast so we just used the same seeds to take a chance.

    Ordering a whole new strain now to get some more started.

    Thanks again!!
  8. Seeds from a hermied female are going to be feminized seeds

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  9. It looks like a female to me but could definitely use some more pics at different places and angles to be sure. If it's a hermie, you'll definitely figure it out real fast. They totally suck!! LOL Good luck! Hey, since you're an admitted newbie and don't know much, go to the "new grower" threads here on the forum and do some serious reading. There are several posts in there just for the new inexperienced grower that contain the basic information everyone needs to know to start out in this hobby. The more you know, the less "freak outs" you will have along with a much better understanding of the process. It's not rocket science, but you've got to know and understand the basics if you want to learn how to do it the right way. TWW
  10. Good point. Feminized was definitely not the right word for me to use here.

    If the hermied mother self pollenated then the seeds could be female. They could also have a high tendency to go hermie too. Probably wouldn't bet the farm on these being a strong females.

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