freaking out more than a bit

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  1. "i want you to promise me that if anything bad ever happens that you won't do anything retarded
    and i want you to know that i love you
    no matter what."

    i have no idea what my girlfriend is planning.
    she won't tell me.
    i am very quietly dissolving into a puddle of anxiety.
  2. LSD in da mornin coffee
  3. lol.
    why would that be bad?
  4. lololololol
    that would suck and be cool at the same time

    i would be like wtf is wrong with my brain?
  5. scissor me timbers
  6. load the shotgun and have your GPS unit ready to go...
  7. Ummmm..... Has she been acting differently lately? Are there things she used to do to you that she isn't now? If it's bothering you that much, you should ask her what she is thinking.

    I don't want to venture a guess, keep us posted though.
  8. What happened? She probably wants attention... but I guess every girl isn't bipolar schizo like my old lady was.
  9. she won't tell me xP
    we've been having some problems in our relationship recently
    but i was hoping they were working out....
    also her mom might have walked in on us the other day
    which would be bad
    because if her parents found out she was bi she could be kicked out of the house >.<
  10. She MIGHT have walked in? How do you not know? Either she did or didn't... which was it?
  11. well, you see...
    we were in her basement,
    and we were *ahem* having some fun
    and then we heard the door close
    when we thought it was already shut.
    but we didn't hear footsteps on the stairs....
    but then when she went upstairs her mom was like
    "are you still a virgin?"
    and she just looked at her
    and then her mom was like
    "just kidding"
    so we're hoping that she just said it because the lights were off downstairs...
    but you don't need to go down many steps in order to have a perfect view of where we were >.<
  12. I was gonna say "Congradulations you're a father!" but you're a girl :(

    It was so funny in my head too
  13. we're "taking a break".
    fuck everything.
    she's not sure if she actually likes girls.
    we didn't even make it to a year....
    i wanted to spend the rest of my life with this girl.
    i wish i had more weed.
    i'm sobering up too fast.
    i guess i'll be getting some bacardi instead of that champagne i was planning for valentines day...
    fuck everything.
  14. Hey... that really fucking sucks....

    Sorry to hear that chica.... I've heard the "I'm not sure if I'm really into girls" thing before....

    Keep your head up.
  15. yeah... fuck bi chicks xP
    which is sad, because i'm bi too.
    but i'm not gonna be all "i don't know if i like chicks" xP
    i was going to give up penis for this girl.
    and that would have SUCKED.
    but i would have done it for her :/
  16. we're officially broken up.
    i'm destroyed.
    this can't be real.
    i need weed like you would not believe....
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    wow sorry to hear that. if shes not sure she wants to be with girls you shouldn't be with her cause then you have double the worry you can lose her not only to another girl but now to a guy dating bi-girls always bring a little extra unwanted drama speaking from experience. If i could virtually give you weed i would cause i know that times like these begin high is one of the few ways to escape and forget about all the shit. Try and move on i know it sounds like a difficult thing to do right now but its for the best.
  18. Sorry to hear that. Breaking up does suck. If i was anywhere near the doldrums I would smoke u out.
  19. Sorry you're going through this. It sounds like she got freaked out after you guys got caught. Let her gather her head, have patience.
  20. bro you can approach this and stabilize your mind throughout this let it be.
    in the end the possibilities are either: She wants you back, or you found someone else. No matter what case, both paths took the same route=you being happy with your life regardless.

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