Freaking Ants

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    Well I got freaking ants colinizing in my freaking smarts pots that has horse manure compost in it.t theres millions of them and on top of the soil  they decided to lay thire freaking larvi. what is the most safest way to get rid of these bastards without harming my babies

  2. hey don't be dissing ants man, they're my homies.
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    well my plants are my homies and theyre are threatening to kill them
  4. 1. Baking Soda
    2. Boraxo ( 20 Mule Team)
    3. Coffee grounds
    4. Diatomaceous earth
    I've used the Boraxo with success, Baking soda may affect soil Ph, coffee grounds and diatomaceous earth have their own benefits.
  5. Water with some neem oil or Azamax. It may take a while to work. You don't want ants on your plants especialy late in flowering and they can also farm aphids to your plants. as the aphids feed on your plant the ants suck the sugary stuff out of the aphids behind, gross but true.
  6. boric acid won't harm your plants and kill off the colony
    mix with water and sugar soak in cotton, the ants will bring it back to the colony and they will die, sad but efficient
    check the proportions somewhere on the web (something like 5 teaspoons of b.a. + 1 cup of sugar + 1 liter of water, mix all, then soak on some cotton and leave around your plants)
    The pots are an instant ant hill for them so that's why they're there.
  7. Didn't know that and going to keep this page saved for future reference. Thanks.

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