Freakin out!

Discussion in 'General' started by sloppyjoe, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. So here it iz, the longest story I have typed thus far in hte city.

    I have been planning on this weekend that just pased for about a month now. i eventalked on here about getting that QP for those who read that. I got it and it is well worth it. Thats off track though so here. I went out to the races w/ all the friends, hung out all day watched some races and took a valium/ smoked a bowl. After all the races were done we decide to go back to my best friends house to cook out. So we get there and all is good, but what do we have hear a ladywho wants to smoke the herb. So I run to the house pick up a jar of some real nice mids, and we commence the sesh. I know you r supposed to help them learn and all when they r new but this girl had no clue, And I mean no dam clue. I had to hold the bowl for her and work the lighter, while she puffed. That sucked but when she said out loud in front of the whole bunch, " Man I can suck dick better than I cann do this shit" That took the cake man i was high as hell and laughed and laughed. O.K. so the food iz done and we gots to get our eat on. After the great meal some of the people left, and it was just a group of small friends. I broke out my new piece again and started to schmoke, and now it is just me smoking everyone else iz sober. I get high like a plane high. So I'm sitting here and I think man I need to lay down. I get up go inti the next room, and it is there that I hear the horses calling me. I decide to go walk around. I find myself walking all over my friends 80 acre farm, and bam now I'm in the barn. So I go into the barn and turn the lights on. This iz when shit gets trippy, I go get a carrot and feed the horses, but this one horse iz like hey man feed ma some of that carrot. I go over and it iz my friends oldest pony(Gundrop). He iz soo cute he is kinda sad 2. So I wrap up all the fun in the barn and decide now to go back 2 the house. I'm walking down the drive back to the house when I hear this rustling in the woods, I stop to listen, then begin to walk again. I get about 4 steps when I hear another rustling from behind me, I look quickly as to catch a glimpse, nothing.... So I start to walk again and abotu 2 steps later this horse lets this loud ass hee haw type shit, I mean it was not he haw,but like this exhale through the nostrils that scared the shit out of me, man it is like dark as hell and I am high as hell and all these moises started to trip me out. So I hustled up to the house and got my wife and told her its about tyme 2 go. Get home sstill high chill out watch tv, and pass out on the couch. Good tymes, but freaked me out some you know? Now how about you have you ever been in nature high as hell and some crazy animal freaked you out? Scary man .......JOE>
  2. Yea man. It seems some animals know when your blazed, then they fuck with you. HAha who knows really though.
  3. I mean it was llike they meant to freak me out..... Kinda cool now that I a,m looking back on it though. Good night man, I swear that is a good night when you get freaked out by horses at 1 in the morn walking around farms and shit. HAHAHA What the hell was I thinking? Funny none the less JOE>

  4. I've been high and come across black bears, rattlesnakes, whitetail deer and marmots... all on different occasions and all within 20 feet of me. Nature rocks! :smoke:
  5. Yeah I plan on getting high this week and going to the local zoo to see how trippy they act, or if they can tell I am high. Animals rock while high. JOE>
  6. I hate those panicky highs, my mind always makes up these impossible one in a million situations where I would get caught.
  7. Yeah i get those 2 but only when someone else drives me around, I dunno it just fucks me up and I'm all noid and shit. JOE>

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