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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Picolli, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. I just had the craziest nightmare, and woke up and pissed and couldn't go back to sleep. Then, I hear the doorbell ring (its 1am, and the noisemaker is right next to my head and it was all cracking up and horror movie like) and go to it and its a cop. She says, "I saw that your garage was open, you may want to close it because we've had some trouble in the area."

    WHAT THE HELL? That was so fuckin freaky and like RIGHT after I had a nightmare I couldn't wake up. And then right as i typed that (the actual word nightmare) the actor on T.V. said nightmare too. No i'm not on any drugs, and no I've never done anything harder than pot. And I don't leave in the ghetto either. No houses in my neighborhood are less than $500,000

    :eek: This is fucked up.
  2. lol thats crazy
  3. You're tripping balls dude!

  4. That is creepy. It's like a bunch of coincidences all occur in one setting, it makes superstition a freaky reality. I know how it feels to be scared awake then attempt to go back to sleep; nearly impossible! Only ways I know to get back to bed are; smoke a joint, take some sleep pills, or play some solitaire for an hour. Whatever works for you..
  5. i like nightmares. if i can recall them after i wake up, i try to relate them to real life.

    but yea crazy shit dude
  6. That's some freaky shit right there, but hey look on the bright side at elast the cop wasnt trying to sniff you out.
  7. if you give power to that kind of shit than you will really believe in it
    just try to forget about it just a coincidence

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