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Freakin out on weed!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pers0n, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Well earlier yesterday I with two friends and smoked for the first time but I think I just got buzzed.
    Then it tried smoking in my bathroom i uses a gravity method and smoked like the size of the tip of my pinky. I got about 2-3 waterbottles of smoke. I smoked it within like less than 5 min. After like 1 minute later I felt pretty ok I felt like I was getting high:). 1min later I felt like I was tripping out cause my mind started "leaving my body" I stared at my shadow and then that's when I knew I was different:eek:. Then I turned On the shower to take a shower thAts when I really tripped the hell out it's like my mind would take snap shots of what I was seeing then it would stay there then take another then another I started feeling trapped In my body at that point and became like claustrophobic:(. Everything was shrinking and my heart was racing I was panicking if I hadn't of had some control I would have probably freaked out in my bathroom and lost my mind.I got out every couple of seconds my mind would leave and I'd have to catch it and keep everything real. Everything was like a dream I couldn't focus on one thing or else my mind would start leaving it was horrible. Thank goodness I had self control. I decided to just go to sleep see what would happen. I woke up and still feel a little high but much less than before. I was thinking maybe It was laced maybe or something, I don't get it people said it feels good to listen to music while high and I did nt feel anything it sounded the sAme. Could this cause damage or anything like that? I didn't exPect weed to be this crazy!
  2. lol@ you, learn to not panick like a bitch from smoking a few rips.
  3. You just freaked out and probably smoked a little too much, next time you smoke it will be much more enjoyable, you just need the right frame of mind.
  4. Welcome to the city!

    What you experienced there was your classic panic attack. Your weed wasn't laced with anything at all. Next time, get high slower. When you have learnt not to panic you will learn to enjoy the high, and that's when music and food get's a whole lot more attractive :D
  5. Well I probably felt alittle weird cause I was in a small bathroom and yhe feeling got amplified
  6. dude i freaked out my first time too. now i always look forward to a nice wake and bake before a long day.
  7. Haha three GB rips in five minutes is what did it to you. Next time try ONE and see how you feel. Even if you think you could handle more just leave it at one.
  8. Shit my first time i was in the middle of woods of a big ass neighborhood and i was far from freaking out, i wouldn't stop talking. But damn I wish I had something to drink, fucking chronic cotton mouth.

    But you kinda wasted your first real high, everyones first high is there best high because your introducing a new substance and your body doesn't know how to react. But later once you start smoking more your tolerance will go up, and you wish you could make it feel like the first time.

    Which is why I always turn on that song by Boston, only when im megastoned to help me go back to my first time :)
  9. Get the facts on weed. They help.

    FACT: No one has ever died from a weed overdose. You are ok. You're just high.

    FACT: Weed makes your heart beat faster, but it isn't going as fast as you think it is. Relax, you're just high

    FACT: if you go to sleep, you're not going to stop breathing, you're not going to die, so if the high is really uncomfortable, just go lay in bed and try to sleep. Most of the time you can and when you wake, you'll likely be back to sober.

    FACT: Weed alters your perception. If you decide you like weed and smoke it regularly, this effect diminishes and you'll yearn for those days when you could get that high. So relax and enjoy it, you're just high.

    FACT: Weed does not cause permanent damage (except maybe to the lungs and much less than tobacco anyway) and it will not cause permanent damage to your mind or your personality for most of us. Certainly there are people who should not smoke weed. If you are a young teen (in which case you shouldn't be posting on this forum) or if you have a pre-disposition to certain psychoses, research shows a small increased incidence of psychosis after smoking weed. Much of that research still involves giving personality tests to someone while high. I don't know what the incidence of problems is that become permanent.

    Anyway, this is long winded but when I was a young lad, I smoked with my buds and got so ripped that I was scared of pretty much all the things I just mentioned. I started smoking again for some of my health problems just last year after about a 34 year T break. I armed myself with the above info and when I got blasted the first few times, repeating my mantra that "No one has ever died directly from weed" helped me calm down and enjoy the experience.

    Sorry that was so long and I hope it helps. It did me.
  10. I'm still kind of high. Its I little enjoyable.:rolleyes:
  11. Do you like Bob Marley? listen to his music and chill out :smoke:
  12. Congratulations man.
    After about 5 years of toking herb you'll be WISHING that shit could happen to you again.
    To "freak out" on weed is a magical thing
  13. Sounds like you don't smoke frequently, take it slow. Grav rips will fuck you up, as I guess you noticed. And try to relax when you smoke. That crazy shit is, quite literally, all in your head.

    Hardass :rolleyes:
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    no but seriously, enjoy having that type of experience because it won't last forever if you start to smoke on a regular basis
  15. So is weed usually more mellow if taken in small quantities? Or is it always crazy?
    Is it normal not to be able to think while high cause I couldn't think straight.
  16. does that mean its a sativa?

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