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Freakin lingerers man

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sshack, May 19, 2010.

  1. I hate those god damn kids that seem to come around conveniently as you have weed, when the weeds gone, so are they, funny how that happens. I totally called out one of my "friends" on that tonight. Anyone have acquaintances like that, it's getting to be a real problem, like seriously, I have to smoke your broke ass up again?!

  2. Story of my life - fucking scavengers man!

    Just start being stern with them, they may not realize what they are doing (pretty unlikely).
  3. Then don't smoke with them anymore :confused_2:

    It really is that simple. Moochers should be cut off :)
  4. Well you, sir, did the right thing by telling him off. I hate scavengers, and I hate to see other people falling for it and smoking them out all the time. The worst is when I see people who can afford to buy their own weed, but they just prefer to have other people smoke them out.
  5. tell them to fuck off
  6. First off, no, I'm not a complete douche unlike other people, when people smoke me up, I at least have the common courtesy to stay and chill with them for a while. I do wonder sometimes If they ever realize what they are doing, or if they are really that ignorant and incompetent.
  7. They most likely don't care. Selfish people rarely do.
  8. There are people that thick-headed in this world?! Wow, I feel so naive and alone.

  9. Nah you're not alone. The world has always had it's share of selfish people. It seems worse these days because of the 'me me me' generation and its desire for instant gratifaction at any cost is all. Trust me there are plenty of chill, generous people left out there.
  10. I feel like i'm surrounded by more greedy, materialistic people than I know what to do with. As Yogi Berra said, A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore. I'll figure out how that quote pertains to this post eventually...
  11. One of my best friends barely ever has money to smoke. He knows that, unless ive had an amazing day, the moon is in full eclipse, and theres a naked girl waiting in my bed when i get back, he will not be accompanying me on a blunt ride or joint walk.

    I mightve stretched a few details..
  12. I know a few. I just tell em I dont have weed
  13. Thread title instantly reminded me of pineapple express :smoking:
  14. same man:D

    lingerers. fuck em
  15. Lingerers are always going to be around, you just gotta find those chill, generous people out there. Most of those lingerers know what they do, and that is get off on you for your trees. Best thing to ward off lingerers is tell them straight up.

    My mentality is if it's someone I don't personally know, they have to put in to hit my blunt.

    Also see: I got five on it
  16. You know what, the only people in here that are selfish are the ones who will not share there weed. Weeds good and if people cannot afford it share it. And if you get pissed that you have to "share" your weed thats probably why you have lingerers. They know your pissed and that you dont wanna share so they leave when your both not high. And then when you both are high its not like it matters, cause you are "high".

    But fuck that, hah. I would share if I had enough weed. But if I only have a little I am savin that shit for my self. Keepin that shit my deep dark secret mannnn.:devious:
  17. #18 KobeBryant, May 19, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 19, 2010
    I've gone through it a lot. It's a big thing in highschool. A guy I've been friends with for years and years is pathetic about it and I don't even know what to do with him about it. He's the type of guy who's 19, doesn't have a license, and refuses to go out and get a job. I'm not sure where he even gets money, he must just ask his mom a lot. Sometimes he'll be at my house and I'll have to leave soon so I proceed to watch him rifle through his contacts to find someone who can pick him up and will have bud.

    I mean, I'll smoke a friend up any day of the week, don't get me wrong. But you can tell when they are coming to smoke or they are coming to hang out. Sometimes I like to fuck around with them and be finishing the bowl right when they come in. Some guys are terrible about it and I like to make them sit there until they pretty much ask me to pack a bowl for them. Just don't tolerate it. It might feel like a dick move but sometimes you gotta tell a mooch that if he doesn't have bud, he's not hitting the blunt. 'fuckers gotta learn.

    If I worked an hour to make enough money to roll a nice blunt, smoking someone up on it is the equivalent to dedicating 60 minutes of your life to that person. At it's peak, when I was back washing dishes for minimum wage I'd sit there and think "so I'm about to smoke this kid up on 10 dollars of weed. Would I go to his house and clean his kitchen, scrub his sinks, and wash all of his dishes for an hour just so he can sit next to me and get high? Hell no" Don't fuck around with that. Tell it like it is. You shouldn't have to pay people to sit next to you.

    Ideally, you should be able to be around people who don't even care if you can or can't smoke. Obviously when a friend is in a low spot or is short for cash you can obviously help them out and treat them to a blunt, but always pay attention to people returning favors. The fact that weed has such an inflated price is one of the works aspects of it all.
  18. Some people I smoke out that generally (or never) smoke me out-but they're my friends, I like 'em, and they're not the kind to ever have a stash, and if they did, they'd give me some on the (very) rare chance they do.
    Some of my friends smoke me out far more than I do to them.
    I don't keep false or shitty friends.
    And thus,
  19. [ame=""]YouTube- Luniz-I got five on it[/ame]
    Something to live by.

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