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  1. It happens to us all, I thought you might get a kick out of a thread devoted to uncanny growth and/or bizarre genetic mutations. I'll gladly kick it off :D

    The one on the left is called "Trooper" and I think it's pretty obvious why: it's a soil-grown, 2+ foot tall plant in a 32 oz soda bottle. The one on the right is in a 2 liter soda bottle.

    Internodal spacing is not the best due to genetics (seeds from a bag of what I affectionately refer to as "crack weed") but it's also the fault of only adjusting the light once every couple weeks or so. Nonetheless, considering their containers, I'm impressed. The one on the right is ~75cm (2.5') tall. The one on the left just breaks 2 feet.

    Picture 2 shows a close up of righty (no name) from above. I was trying to illustrate their sex originally, but I will have to use pictures from a better camera for that.

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  2. :D


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  3. Those plants aren't all that freaky.. just tall for their containers. I wanted to show you one called Dizzy, with a spiral stem and leaves, but Dizzy wasn't just cool looking, Dizzy had major genetic defects and was a weak, slow-growing, poorly rooting specimen. He was too far behind the others so he went to toilet land.

    I guess I will start a new thread before posting more pics because all that's left are pretty normal looking specimens. BTW the one on the left (above) turned out to be male, the one on the right is female and lost her top to a falling light fixture.... the grow tip is sitting in nutrient water at the moment... let's cross our fingers for root buds ;)

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