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  1. First time growing here, I just wanted to ask what's up with one of my girls. She was always small and never made it far in veg. I tried to look for reasons via google but couldn't find anything useful. Also, would you guys say she is ready to harvest by now? Her hairs and trichs are looking like they're just about there.

    Thanks for any help, & stay lifted :gc_rocks:

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  2. She is...actually one beautiful little midget.

    I'd say you *could* pull it now, but I'd personally go maybe up to a couple week longers?
    The flowers definitely look full and plump...but there's a chance it might close those gaps just a little?
    I'd really need to see some pretty close up/zoomed pictures to weigh in any more specifically.
    I like it though. Nicely done.
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  3. Thank you Cheeba :) Thing is she's an auto, any clue as to why she got so small whereas my other girls are 3-4ft
  4. All plants are different. Could easily just be that.

    Could be a variation in the medium, lighting, nutrients, water, pests, etc..

    There is not enough info without just theorizing.

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