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  1. whats being in a frat like? one of the ones at my college wants me to join, and id like to, but im worried about money, time. also, missing out on the other partys on campus, getting stuck cleaning up, shit like that. supposedly this one doesnt pledge, and the guys in it seem pretty chill. anybody here in a frat, know how much it costs, ect
  2. LOL. Have fun:rolleyes:
  3. Your social life will be the frat.
  4. I know frats sound unappealing for a lot of people, but they are great post-college. Business is all about who you know, and frat brothers are very good to each other. How do you think all of these complete idiots get elected into office? Hard work? Fuck no, it's because they were in frats in prestigious colleges.
  5. they dont even have frat houses here lol

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