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Frankenstien joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shibby22one, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. So I just bought a 8th of white rhino. Got baked and was looking at all my jars of flavors. So I decided to roll a j for later tonight consisting of every flavor I have all ground together.

    White rhino
    Cinderella 99
    Granddaddy purp
    Big bud
    Blueberry bomb
    Lemon deisal
    -an unknown kind bud
    Pineapple jack
    Lavender Kush
    Mr nice guy
    Grapefruit Kush
    Master Kush

    Using element roller w/ clear element papers

    I'll update later on how this goes. Too high to fuck with it now. Here's some picks

    Attached Files:

  2. .....I'll take one too :D
  3. you've created something monstrous. you must destroy it with fire, it is the only way.
  4. is mr nice guy seriously a type of bud? i remember mr nice guy from half baked
  5. It's a local strain. Very purple. Quite potent as well. I thought of half baked too when I bought it. Ordering some dominos now. Gonna light this up soon
  6. Pics of what?...
  7. fucking awesome!!!!!!
  8. I've got a mix of blue cheese and lemon amnesia haze ;D

  9. Lol Local strain my ass.

    It's a fairly popular strain
  10. Just going by my dude that sold to me. Who cares if it's correct or not wether its local or not.
  11. Thats the best thing I've ever heard
  12. Between 3 of us we could only get through half of it. We did smoke earlier, but fuck I'm high
  13. I can't picture a huge mixture of all sorts of bud would get you higher then one joint of any strain.. assuming they are dank. Sounds like a radical salad though!
  14. Im dry and your sitting on all that. Im jealous man. Enjoy it!:smoke:
  15. ha me an my dudes call this a fruit salad (fruit as in dank weed, what my generation called dank "smokin that fruity")

    sounds sweet, but for the love of god ditch the roller!! much better smoke with a hand rolled doober.
  16. Strains have their own make up of THC, CBDs, CBNs, etc. Their unique composition makes for their high. When mixing a great number of different strains together, you're getting a great deal of different cannabinoids in pretty high amounts.

    I plan on doing this once I have enough different strains saved up. Until then I'm happy with just one or two at a time :smoke:
  17. Awesome, just awesome.

    I always wondered why people always said mixing strains would get you higher, like say if this doobie was 2g filled with all those different strains as opposed to a 2g blunt of all the same dank, the first one would get you higher. I've never had the opportunity to smoke a salad anything so I guess I wouldn't know. Now that I think of it I guess all strains have different affects so you're feeling more effect off a salad than off one strain? Fuck I'm baked and rambling haha :D

    EDIT: Wow, dude posted the answer to my question right above me while I was typing the question. Weird.
  18. I've done this for a while... Whenever I get a hefty amount of weed. I personally feel like it fucks you up way more than just one strain. If you haven't done it... Don't knock it till you try it

    Lighting up the other half now

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