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  1. Interesting but at $1200 a pop just a tad bit out of my budget. With a 4 to 1 ratio of red spectrum to blue spectrum it seems more geared towards the flowering stage.
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    Well IMO I would prefer to have more red spectrum than blue. I would rather have lights that are more geared to Flowering/increasing yield. But I am by no means an expert with this.
    It would be great if these lights turn out to be legit. They claim to be 80% more efficient than HID's, but produce 100 lumens per watt while HPS make 150. I definitely feel these lights are good, I just wish the guy would be a little more clear and a little less misleading (Not suggesting hes a crook though).
    Another thing to take into account is that the site claims a very low running temp, meaning you could keep these lights inches from the plants. If that were the case, the efficiency would go up tons right there. Basically allowing the plant to absorb all the light, rather than on a MH hanging a foot above.
    I would just really love to see the evidence behind these. At the moment, the place for this product seems neither here nor there. For the price of one of these lights you could get 10 1000 watt HPS lights, and with LEDs getting cheaper and nearing the mystical 300 lumens per watt, I feel that it may be hard for these guys.

  3. Yes it's true, they produce no heat. I've seen and used this lighting technology.

    Dan (maker of the lights) isn't very clear, your right, but these lights are legit :) At $1200 a light though, think of what you get. 80,000 operational hours, no heat production, no heat ventilation, and an effective spectrum.

    For a HPS setup, you'd need a reflector ($50-$100), bulb ($50-$120), ballast ($150-$300), can fans ($300).

    You're looking at around $800 per light, here in Canada at least. Plus to maintain HPS, replacing bulbs, worrying about heat, consuming shit tons of power.

    Idk the possibilities are endless with these lights. I'm buying like 4, gonna get deals though through someone I know.
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    moderators need to ban your ass for none stop advertizing .
    you are shameless lair. You buying 4 lights? Come one... Guys just read his advertizing threads in here this guy is a total tool who does not grow and all he does is advertizing some lights...douche stop telling lies and pushing your light... Buying 4 lights?....fucking joke....What about your parents???? How about your friend? SHAMELESS LAIR AND TOOL....Giving people advices....HA HA HA...Just shut up....

    Here is proof that you are total lair and tool:

    And here is your "grow journal":

  5. Lol $800 per light?!! Maybe if your are a complete blundering idiot. If you look hard enough, you can get em for $150.
    And yea, your right. This guy could just be a scammer. You need to show WAY more evidence bro. Tell your teacher its giving a bad rep not being "clear" lol..

  6. Yes, mods should ban me for sharing new technology! Advertising? LOL, every single person on this website advertises everytime they say Can fan, or HID, or grow tents. Like shit man, what do you want from me?

    Ever since my first post about this you've been badgering me for no reason. I provided links, I'm not scientist or creator of this stuff, don't ask or expect me to know how it works!

    You also referred to me as " I think he is some douche who is trying to advertise his website".

    Yes, these websites are me, I am Dan Wilcox, an old man who creates lighting technology, then trys to scam all the people on grasscity?

    The marijuana industry is filled with more flakes than a box of kellogs, why the fuck would I waste my time marketing lights here?

    I'M SHARING! not scamming/soliciting/advertising
  7. Can we get this shit bird spam advertiser bullshit person banned yet?
  8. If by 'true' you mean 'false'...

    There is not a single light source in the known universe that approaches 100% energy conversion to visible light. 25 - 30% is considered exceptional, the rest of the energy is released mostly as heat.
  9. You been Served


  10. Telling someone a light they have used produces heat when it doesn't is going to get you really far hahah.

    I honestly sit back and laugh at this website everyday. So many god damn flakes.
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    It is basically impossible to have a rational discussion with the uneducated. :rolleyes:

    The maximum possible luminous efficacy is 683 lumens per watt at 555 nm. Now that is for a monochormatic light source. A broad spectrum light source will be much lower and will depend on the spectral curve. Even so, it would likely be in the range of 350 to 440 lumens per watt. All of the rest of the energy is converted to heat and non-visible light.

    In lieu of a non-existent spec sheet we get insults. Loud and frequent amounts of noise and sputterings will not convince an engineer nor a savvy consumer.
  12. You need to shop somewhere else. You can get an entire HPS kit for under $200. Does not include a fan, but your plants need air ventilation even if your lights don't so you aren't saving that.

    Not for no reason but for a lack of substantive, reliable, credible information to support the incredulous claims you are making (or that the maker of these lights is making and you are repeating).

    Fair enough, I'll take that on face value that you are not the maker of these lights and are not selling them. But it does seem that you have drunk the Kool-Aid and are willing to believe in this notion even though it lacks the kind of supporting evidence that is objectively convincing (and no, the links you provided don't do that). Someone else is making wild claims, and you have bought it hook, line and sinker. If this stuff is real then there should be better supporting documentation, more and better authoritative experts talking about it, venture capitalists lining up, news stories in mainstream media, etc etc.

    Miracles that revolutionize don't fly under the radar.

    As for why someone would try to sell grow lights on GC, oh I don't know, lots of gullible customers easily parted from their money? There are many scammers that try to sneak onto GC because it can be lucrative for them, so the community is skeptical.

    As I said on your other thread, I am very dubious of the claims being made about these lights but I am open-minded to more back-up that is credible. Haven't seen it yet.
  13. I've seen the lights in person, in operation, that's why I believe all of this. They produce no heat, like said, the 100w light was plugged into a meter and was only running 119w, so it does run at low wattage. I had one of these lights set up in my room for 2-3 days and it grew an Oh God seed 2 inches.

    I've seen the proof, it's just too bad that no one is even willing to give this a chance and I'm just getting hated on.

    Here's a video I posted of Dan Wilcox speaking: [ame=] - Dan Wilcox on Light Chips - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Refuting a BS claim of 'no heat' with facts is hardly getting 'hated on'. :rolleyes:

    Should we just let you misprespresnt nonsense to the community unchecked? Is allowing deceit more loving?
  15. Except it's not bullshit, so you are just being rude.
  16. *yawn*

    I refuted with physics and you re-refute with ... nothing! :hello:

    I will wager $1,000 there is indeed waste heat coming from such a light source. We can both send our money to a third party abiter.
  17. Huh? I hope English is your second language. I have no idea what you are attempting to communicate.
  18. Well I think this proves one thing, that you know very little about growing. And possibly proves that these lights don't work very well.

    A little sprout growing 2 inches in 2-3 days is a sign of stretching due to light starvation. What experienced growers know is that the goal is to see how low your plant will grow, not how tall. Sprouts getting all the light they need can concentrate their growth on producing more tightly-packed nodes, there's no need for them to waste energy on stretching upward trying to reach the light.

  19. I'll be back sometime later, not anytime soon, but later, with a proper journal. Everyone just forget about me posting any of this. Didn't bring any good. I just got excited about it. Sorry to whoever hates me.

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