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  1. GG...welcome back man:cool:...frankie is now about 2 weeks into flower...lots of em pokin up, she's 3 feet wide:D...i'm thinkin time to stop the 1 drop of superthrive per 1 gal of ph tasty h2o??? the way, i now have enough ph down to adjust all swimming pools within a 10 mile radius...12.00$!!!...i think superthrive made the 6 week flowering plant in the pic have a growth spurt and her buds seem loose...i started giving superthrive to my pants two weeks ago...think that could make a 4 week into flower plant have a spurt???'s time to flush her so i'm just curious about your superthrive thoughts???...after readin the package, i'm thinkin of growing an addition on my house with this shit:rolleyes:...good to read your voice again...slats

    also...after i flush should, i move the plant so it gets no more rain for 2 weeks???

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  2. from my experience, my plants usually have two "growth spirts" once on 12/12, the 1st is the 1st 2wks, & the 2nd is the last 2wks is where i notice the fastest & most growth.
  3. hey ric love to see your posts, you always make me laugh....

    Frankencola.....what can I say....great job she looks terriffic., too bad we all cant sit down and smoke her together, with the road weve travelled:hello:

    only 2 weeks in flower, I would wait and flush the last 2 weeks she looks like she doesnt need any help , generally when you see the trichs start to cloud up is a good indication of time for final flush.

    leave her outside till shes done, or the rain begins to show up too regular
  4. ricslat

    i have used superthrive for me clones & was happy.have you tried one plant without superthrive so you tell if there really is a big difference
  5. ok i pulled a stoner man and i forgot when i started force flowering my plant, and now i fear it is ready for harvest but i just flushed 3 days the 10.00$ radio shack microscope...for the record there is no way a person can stand outside, at their plant, and see a frickin leaf, let alone a trich through this thing, no i chopped a branch to take inside, these little scopes are awesome, and sure enough easily 70% cloudy trichs:confused:...i should have flushed 10 days ago i think...should i move the plant into the barn, out of the sun???cut it now??? the overall scheme of things, this is not a bad problem to have, none the less it does present a quanundrum:D...oh yea the sample i cut, so i could see the trichs, seems quite nice:smoking:...doubtful any speed flushing techniques exhist...chop, chop time????...thanx.

    it's in mg organic soil???:confused:
  6. flush it now, chop it next week......or chop it now & make certain you cure it slowly, so that the nitrogen completey breaks down
  7. i flushed 3 days i will chop on wed...also, 2 weeks ago when i should have been prepping to flush this plant...i found when i should have flushed, i instead pumped her with rhoids...right???:eek:..that's the original SUPERTHRIVE q i started this thread with...she seemed to have a growth spurt the last 10 days or so, the buds streched and loosened a bit:devious:...i quit givin the plant food and superthrive 1 week ago...flushed 3 days ago...and will chop in four...just curious if you ever gave a plant a dose of superthrive week six into flower...i have...i can't convince myself that there is any possible benefit from doing that ...oh well... loose buds need love too...:laughing:.
  8. :eek:

    Im on a 6-7 week cycle I begin to pour on the flowering nutes last 2 weeks of Veg & stop week 3 week 4 or 5 , I flush and dont water again.

    I always want that last 2 weeks clean

    if you have noticed, the times people screwup the most pushing the ferts, is seedlings & and last 3 weeks of bud

    Frankie, despite decapitation still produced some good colas for you ;)
  9. frankencola is only in week 3 of flower, pic 1, ...the rhoid plant is the tall one in the second pic...problem with neewbee, bagseed growers like me is we know nothing about our seed strains and even less about growing them:confused:...i bet, on top of everything else, this is a early maturer cause i'm sure it's ready i'm gonna chop indica rhoid girl tomorrow...:smoking:

    Ganja Guerrilla: flush it now, chop it next week......or chop it now & make certain you cure it slowly, so that the nitrogen completey breaks down

    care to elaborate a little on slow cure???

    the next harvest will be end of sept., two sativas i have in the garden...1 is 8'+, i call her legs:p...then it will be frankies turn ~oct. Bday;)...thanx man.
  10. the idea behind the cure is to allow the chemicals to break down, thats why commercial weed doesnt always taste as good as homegrown they are in a hurry to unload & dry it out as fast as possible.

    hang the plants to dry long enough to feel dry but the buds still feel squishy, because they still retain water.

    jar or ziplock the weed , the water from within the buds migrates to the dry exterior parts of the buds....
    open the jars or ziplock bags let them breath to dryout the exterior of the buds a couple hours a day , then back to the closed jars in the dark

    no different than anything youve read already , just dont let them hang till they dry out, it will happen too fast trapping ferts in the plant material
  11. no different than anything youve read already , just dont let them hang till they dry out, it will happen too fast trapping ferts in the plant material

    GG-i have to cut before drying out in her pot don't i?the two week period after final flush, does the plant begin breaking down N at that time???...even outside while still synthesizing???...i reconfirmed this morn and sure enough ~75-80% cloudy trichs, ~80% brown hairs...i flushed rhoid girl 4 days ago...nothing since...i still get new white hairs popping up though...Q...will the dry/cure process be extended beyond the normal 2 week hang & dry, 2 week cure, since i am harvesting so soon after flush???...too much N in her at time of harvest???...thanx.
  12. after my final flush I stop watering, and let the plants start drying out and the process begin while they are still in pots, this doesnt quite work the same planted in the ground ofcourse

    2 weeks will be too long hanging, they will completely dryout, you want a slower cure to allow that last shot of ferts and rhoids to breakdown, your going to want to start thinking about the bagging or jarring them after 5-7 days of hanging, soon as the buds begin feel dry, but still squishy and contain some moisture

    I personally always do it that way Im in no hurry, to push the jar/curing process

  13. ok here is my Q in a nutshell...given the above level of maturity,She is beginning her 8th week of flower today...must be an quick maturer, ~80% brown pistols, ~80% cloudy trichs, i flushed 4 days ago...she is in a container...nothing since flush...should i give her a little more time, days, in the container to dry naturally???...chop asap since the harvest window is closing???...i'm worried that i'm at the point of diminishing's still ALL good though:D...cheers.

    how bout if i put the plant in my dark barn with light fan blowing,no sun???...keep it in dark to stop photosynthesis and give her a couple extra days to dry out in her pot???
  14. woke up this morn and rhoid girl now has powdery mildew:eek:...squirted with 1 tbl baking soda in 16 oz bottle with straight tap water...the water alone is 8+ ph so i'm not worried about killing the game plan is to keep the plant in the dark barn with a fan oscillating on her...i'll spray again tonight and twice tomorrow...i'll cut her wed morn...if you look at the pic of the top bud, you can see the growth spurt that occured when i pumped her full rhoids 15 days ago:eek:...never do that again...loosened everything up...:devious:...GG- will 2 days be long enough to kill the powdery mildew so i can harvest wed morn???...thanx.

    also should i use uncorrected tap h2o with my once weekly preventative neem spray for my clones, since it is high ph, 8+???

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  15. powdery mildew usually dies straight away & you seem to have soaked it well, 2 days is more than enough, rinse the plant with fresh water just to be safe today, and youll be good

    watch the other plants closely, for the same issues
  16. ok, now i'm a wee bit concerned...check out frankie's brown/rust leaf points:eek:...i never have liked the container i put her in, think maybee root bound??? will be a nightmare to repot as i have over doz ties and hannger hooks in there...but i have silently wanted to do it...i will bust out bottom of shitty container and plant into old, nute free, soil???
    1. mg organic soil...
    2. water ph going in is always between ~6.5 and 7.0 or rain...
    3. i think the roots need to spread
    4. food is 15-50-15
    5. container 4 gal.
    6. she started week 4 of flower today

    see what happens when ya leave for a couple weeks:devious::p...thanx man.

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  17. double pot her ric. Cut the bottom out w/exacto and set down into anoter pot about half filled w/soil. This will keep stress down. If you must.

  18. hi Ric

    before you worry about the roots, you went a little nuts last feeding just before harvest of the last plant, are you certain, you didnt go to far and its burn showing?flush when in doubt?
    you can always cut the bottom of your container and slide another pot of fresh soil under it

  19. Flush when in doubt? What if it's overwatered already?

  20. can superthrive burn???...nute schedule has been consistent...i may have gotten a bit over zeallous with the magic juice and now i have an incredible frankenhulk???:eek::p...tootles.

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