FRANKENCOLA...for those whom may care

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  1. here's a pic of frankie and some other kids...plenty of colas fightin to be top dog...thanx GG:devious:...cheers gang.

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  2. very cool all tucked away by the other foliage:smoking:
  3. nice plants!
  4. Nice looking family. Is that jasmine that the girls are hiding behind?
  5. Is that jasmine that the girls are hiding behind:

    yea it is, works nicely for nosey neighbors...attracts the little white flys though...bastards...thank god for neem...i'm just happy the drought of 07 has ended here in s illinois...almost lost all of em due to bad water ph...let the harvest begin, cheers.
  6. Amen to the harvest. I think I've got 3-4 weeks to go on my biggest plant. The others are each about a month behind each other.


  7. i think oldskool lives in the garden of weeden.... beautiful man, just beautiful
  8. :laughing: @ Garden of Weeden.

    Thanks, it IS hard to NOT grow stuff here. It seems like anything that gets stuck in the dirt sprouts roots and starts growing...
  9. I see some weeds but where is the frankencola?
  10. it's the first pic, but here is an update...july 3 i accidentally snapped the top 6" cola off my first ever plant, 10 days into flower, i was devistated:eek:...replanted her and here we are:cool:...i seem to be tying this down every day now...the buckets are anchors...she is about 36" horizontally now, 2.5 weeks into flower,10 weeks since the beheading...pic 1 is 4 weeks after...pic 2 is 6 weeks after...pic 3 is now...i bet there are 12 strings in there pus hanger hooks...lst big time...i think i'm done tying down finally:hello:...

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