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Discussion in 'Politics' started by STIGGY, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. This statement is ridiculous. You denounce one man based on accusation while simultaneously proclaiming that another man is innocent because the only evidence is accusations.
  2. Personal attacks are against the rules little buddy.
  3. Fixed.
  4. Green Wizard you ok man?

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  5. I never proclaimed that anyone was innocent genius. Perhaps you should work on your comprehension skills.
  6. Another one with no self control.
  7. Please show me where I stated, or should I say "proclaimed" that Franken was innocent.
  8. Here.

    The way you worded this sounds like you're defending him. Is that not the case?
  9. Not sure how you read that into it - I was merely stating that he had the decency to resign after the allegations - I never implied that he was innocent, nor did I defend his misconduct. However I do admire his honesty for admitting his guilt to the allegations and doing the right thing - which is more than I can say for some other people. I hope this explanation clears this up for you.
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  10. Well it seems that I was wrong.

    Still there was no need for that escalation. We get enough conflict on these threads as is.
  11. Whenever I watched him, i always thought he played the senator role rather well
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  12. I'm a little shocked that the DNC completely turned their backs to them

    No one has any loyalty for anyone, anymore
    They have taught me that anyone will throw anyone under the bus

    Its sad!
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  13. Family Guy - Stand by your dump:
  14. Got evidence to prove it? that's what i hear from the self righteous right when i post something on damn near any subject... No proof then it didn't happen is the "rights" canned knee jerk response as they can't handle the truth about THEIR sides swamp a** stench that keeps cropping up... tRUMP on the recording "you can grab them by the pussy" for example... then brush it off saying it was locker room talk... just a few days ago the weasel in the WH tried to say he didn't think it was his voice on the tape... WTF?

    Then the HRC haters (of which i am one myself) can't get over the fact she is no longer a player but keep digging her up like beating a dead horse... What's up with that" part of their defensiveness when they run out of ways to defend their own swamp ass collection of so called "elected officials"..

    That's all, nothing personal but i'm tired of seeing the HRC card played.. 8 yrs was enough... 45 chants he is a victim of a "witch hunt" all political yet he and the DrumpfConned conveniently forget their chants of "lock her up'... also 45's mention of the "2nd amendment people" taking care of her... blah blah blah

    No argument that she appears to be a witch but she's also finished, washed up and an embarrassment to the DNC... they haven't realized that though as they are still living in the "progressive" pipe dream funded by special interests...

    Repeat: Nothing personal..
  15. The GOP & their supporters have no room to point fingers and brag about being better... when you add up all the losers that had to resign or were told to GTFO of Fox (faux) News starting with the old fat guy top dog himself... all GOP supporters...

    this domino effect has been ongoing for well over a year yet the Roy Moore defenders act like it's something new that suddenly cropped up before election time... Then they shout WTF is the proof... well, they don't have any proof against Franken it's a she said he said..

    and the photo was a joke he posed for it, you can tell by the expression on his face it was a spoof... his hands were clearly poised hovering, not copping a feel... stupid thing to do for a guy his age and he admitted it was...

    Yet the accusations against Franken were from adult women and a mere pat, squeeze or wet kiss... nothing like that religious radical bigot nut job Roy Moore accused by girls under the age of 18...

    Keep it in perspective... it ain't over yet... reminds me of when Flynn got all cocky and yelled LOCK HER UP... Look what happened to his ass... speaking of which i'm laughing mine off over that one and i have NO RESPECT for HRC either...

    As far as the DNC throwing Franken under the bus, they can go to hell, it's a useless spineless party and will be replaced. Franken was one of the few i had respected. Many Dem voters respected him too and are bashing the DNC on social media as i type. This dumb move will work against them and won't be soon forgotten.

    Lastly "that piece of garbage" didn't admit to everything... said a lot of the accusations just didn't happen according to his memory the way the accusers were saying it did... i would believe him over that POS rOY mOORE...

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  16. The escalation was started by you in post #43 when you claimed my post was "ridiculous" because you were unable to understand the meaning of my response. In the future you might want to thoroughly read and understand what the poster is saying before you make a derogatory remark that you later have to apologize for. ;)
  17. The GOP now endorse perverts who try and molest 13yr old girls. It's incomprehensible that Trump and the GOP are supporting the pervert Roy Moore. I'm wondering will we see a grassroots campaign starting amongst the Republican base for a lowering of the age of consent next?

    I may be wrong but I've always associated teenage marriage with the southern states of the US. It could perhaps be a vote winner in these states to make it a GOP promise to make it legal to marry your 13 yr old cousin.

    In this new Post Trump era anything is possible.
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  18. I never once supported Moore, everyone assumed that after I posted the" phrase
    Innocent until proven guilty", never once did I promote Moore or defend him,but I did defend the American Justice System.
    This is not directed just at you Smoke,
    Wait and see what the ethics committee decides, like Franken should have done if he was truly not guilty of any charges.
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