France Legalizes Medicinal Marijuana. (This Is Big)

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    Woow! I am shocked France a very repressed country when it comes to anything let alone cannabis has legalized medical marijuana.
    This can only be good news for the UK and the rest of the world, only time will tell.

  2. Excellent! This is the stuff I like to see, moving nowhere but forward around the world with the Cannabis movement.
  3. I like to see this, but I didn't enjoy reading this part: "it will be difficult for organizations and patients themselves to produce their own medicinal cannabis despite the relatively low costs related to its cultivation and processing."
  4. Dominoes starting to fall but, right before the end times the world is supposed to be in peace. This may be the end but at least I can rise to heaven high!
  5. Thanks for extra info Granny, what really gets to me about those Yahoo stories is the comments below, if I write up an amazing piece explaining why cannabis should be legal you can bet your bottom dollar within a couple of hours its been deleted with no explanation.
    Its the same on Youtube I have had a few pieces on there also that have only been explaining the real reasons why cannabis remains illegal and most of them get a lot of attention and likes then out of nowhere its deleted and I dont brake any rules at all?
    I am drifting off topic, well done France lets see what the rest of the world can do next.
    Be interesting to hear how mmj is viewed where you live, let us know.
  6. In sweden it's only a dangerous gateway deathdrug that will turn u into a zombie with no will to interact with other people or keep a job or life. :(
  7. Whoo! Go France! I'm gonna smoke a joint to celebrate
  8. Sac le "Bleu Dreams"!   :smoke:
  9. Damn....didn't know anything was going on with it over there. Good for them!
    Add another green section to the world cannabis legal map.
  10. awesome :smoke:
  11. Round of applause for France. 

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