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  1. Yep, I live in France. Worst country I've been to for weed, get crap stuff overpriced on the street, although there is some great hash but not as much as there is soapbar crap..
    The best is if you know a grower,or are one your self.
    You live in France? or are French? 
  2. And everybody (well at least 90% I reckon) smoke it with tobacco, even with bongs and pipes. Sure a bit of tobacco in the bottom of a pipe with hash is nice if you're a tobacco smoker, but not in a bong.... gross. And loads of people get addicted to bongs and joints here because they don't smoke tobacco appart from with weed/hash, so they actually get addicted to tobacco without realizing it, seen lots of people fall down that sad and hard road.. Now wonder it's still bad situation over here
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  3. Worst thing in France is what they call "shit". Crappy hash pellet swallowed by morrocan, then picked from their feces once they crossed the border. Can't get dirtier product if you ask me.
  4. Good god y'all!! Will it still get you high after going through the human digestive tract? I mean we have bile and acids in our stomach that breaks food down into shit. What would it do to the hash?
  5. The pellets are wrapped in plastic film. Otherwise it would be digested. Still a huge public health issue in my opinion.
  6.   France is so uptight.  I heard bands of french police will patrol specifically targeting potheads that visit amsterdam..  So ridiculous..
  7. France is really shit for marijuana users! I've been smoking bad quality hashish (marijuana cost more) for so long !!! 
    I live in France only 2 month a year! but everytime I coming back there I feel like it's worst..
    I stopped smoking for some business reason but also because this is so hard to be a smoker in France..
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    Scratching France off of my bucket list.
  9. Yep, they do. At the train station in Paris and very often around the belgium border (since we drive through Belgium to go to the Netherlands)
  10. France only makes good heart attack food. Also they were unbeaten in war (I believe), they only pulled out of the war, because they don't want to die for Americans. Which I understand.
  11. I'm currently traveling Europe with a camper, and visited France in august. Only smoked hash. Is asked some locals why there was not a lot of weed in France. They said it had something to do with smuggling. Hasj is easier to get into to country. Beautiful country but the fact that there is a lack of weed sucks! 
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    It's true that everyone smokes it with tobacco, all my friends smoke spliffs. I only can smoke it pure when I smoke for myself.
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  13. Can confirm. Coworker is French from France and her brother smokes hash back in France but weed is VERY hard to find.
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    Like in the UK the idea of mixing weed/hash to tobacco is a left over from the Empire days, the UK call them spliffs and got me addicted to cigs, sneaky like, but the French do have a very screwed idea of 'DRUGS' and to many cannabis is the same as heroin or cocaine,
    ...shame really as the food does cure you of the munchies 
  15. Hahah, France is like Europes version of Florida or Texas; only retards live there.
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    Not enough of a growing / connoisseur community. Some places still have a good community despite illegality.
  17. FRance is also pressuring Amsterdam to tighten up their weed laws.

    They're like China, afraid of a second revolutions.
  18. So many blades with their hand on the international pulse.

    Good to know.
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    Actually Americans aided the French. We dropped thousands of single use pistols for the oppressed opposition to defend themselves with. Many French who were alive at the time greatly appreciated the aid,l and fought alongside Americans at times.

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