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Fractured two ribs coughing

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kjd8714, Aug 8, 2012.

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    ABout two weeks ago I was smoking some g13 from my local delivery service, after about two joints I found a nug at the bottom that looked rotten. I put it under a microscope and found spider mites. I contacted them and they apologized and replaced the product and inspected it in front of me. Well a couple days later I notice my ribs hurting. Thinking I just slept on it funny I continued to smoke and it helped with the pain. Well I got this really strong strain a couple days later and I was coughing a lot. After a week I went to the doctor got X-rays done and I have fractured my 2 left bottom ribs and cracked on on my lower right side. Well I had pain pills had a bad addiction a long time ago and I don't want to go down that road. Ao I have always smoked for my pain. I also have MS So I am used to being bed bound..etc. well I now I can't smoke cause I cough a lot, I tried vaping and coughed like crazy. I can't eat edibles cause of digestive problems. Is there another way I can get what I need. I apologize if this question has already been asked. I am in desperate need of pain relief.
    Oh also do y think the spider mites caused the coughing
  2. What about tinctures? I've never tried them but I've heard the effects are usually present with 15 minutes, peak early and mellow out for a few hours (depending on strain, potency of tincture, etc.). I have read/watched tutorials for both glycerin and alcohol based tinctures...not sure as to the benefits/downside of either though.
  3. I have never tried tinctures. I want to try terra labs gold caps. But they are expensive
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    For one a tincture used sublingualy works to quiet a cough if you still have one. I like one or two drops at a time. Repeat when the taste is gone from your mouth until you have achieved the dose you need to treat your cough or what ever your treating. If the tincture is fresh and strong it can go to work in as little as about 5 Min. If it is weak it will take longer. If it is old you got ripped off.

    For pain a topical ointment works better than any other way.
    The easiest way to make a good working ointment is to get some hash oil and mix it into a moisturizing body lotion that smells ok to you. Mix a gram of hash oil into a 2 Oz. tester sized bottle and gently rub it on where it hurts. If it is to strong or you have a lot of area to cover because of the MS use 2, 2 oz bottles. If it is not strong enough add another gram of hash oil to what you have to make it stronger. Your care giver or a family member should be able to help with any of this if you need it.

    Keep your tinctures & ointments in the fridge between doses to preserve freshness if you can.

    hope this helps
  5. Likely the smoking sorry to say. Get better soon

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