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       Hello Grasscity members! This thread is my official indoor grow journal. I will be posting any updates regarding my grow setup, plants, nutrients and supplements. For this grow I decided to plant some feminized 'Purple Kush' seeds. I will be starting with two (2) plants until I increase my growing space.
       As of right now I am working with a pretty decent closet space. It is about 3.5ft x 2ft giving me enough space for two (2)10" flowering pots and two (2) 10 inch water catcher trays. The strain itself appeals to me for indoor growing. It's not really a finicky plant giving me some confidence with this strain. I am going to try and keep the grow pretty organic as I fear nute burn and overfeeding, I may end up using a Nitrogen infused fertilizer and feed my plants through water irrigation.
    First Time Grow Goals
    1. Reach A Plant Height Of 3 Feet​
    2. Yield Up To 20-30 Grams​
    3. Minimal Health Issues​
    Day One: With that said and done lets begin to take a look at where we are at. Right now I finished putting tin foil around the walls of the closet just to ensure the plant gets light all around it.​
    1. Closet Picture ​
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