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FR0STYLEAFs Cannabis Collection (View My Stash)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Mauhini, Jan 29, 2014.

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       Hello Everyone! This thread is going to be to display my current stash and keep it as organized and neat as possible. I am  a cannabis enthusiasts just like a lot of us here, I enjoy learning about the genetics and all the different combinations and cross-bread plants. My dealer is a pretty respectable guy, I do not live in  a medical state but this connection gets his bud through a friend that he use to do business with on Silk Road. After the shut-down of 'Silk Road' he still kept in contact with the supplier and he is continuing to send a variety of bud. Of course, the seller lives in a medical state, specifically Colorado.
       The way I will presenting my gallery is as so. I edited images to fit nicely and look clean and if it was possible I put the strain information in the image. I will have a index so you can quickly access the updated posts of my stash without having to hunt through each page. So with this being said I hope you guys enjoy my gallery! Stay Stoney  :smoking:
    __________________________________________________________   ​
    P O S T I N G    I N D E X
    1. 12/31/13
    2. 1/15/14
    3. 1/16/14
    4. 2/1/14​
    __________________________________________________________   ​
         S T R A I N   I N D E X
    Blue Dream, Afgoo, Fire OG, Lemon Drop Kush

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       DECEMBER 31 2013        JANUARY 15 2014                  JANUARY 16 2014
           JANUARY 16 2014
  3. Just picked up  a Quarter of some Lemon Drop Kush. Waiting for all my growing supplies to come in from amazon :3
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Sweet man, the BD looks solid :bongin:

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