foxtailing vs bloom stimulator

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  1. Any relation? Think my plant had enough of cannaboost. When I water and add some plant just dont know where to grow more calyx so its staked them on top of maturing buds. WIN_20190529_16_32_12_Pro.jpg WIN_20190529_16_32_19_Pro.jpg

    Is it safe to remove with scissors foxtailing part?
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  2. Why would u do that? I can understand if it was some kind of unnatural stringy thing, but I don't see that here.
    Go ahead and cut them I suppose, but I don't think it will achieve anything; speaking out of experience btw (I've cut some lol).

    its not like your plant looks like this
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  3. Looks like the buds are stacking up. Not foxtailing!!!!! I had the very same question recently.

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  4. That is some ugly ass foxtail!
    It is exactly what I want to avoid cause I'm 99% sure it was not like that this morning.
    I just dimmed ballast at 75 and add her 30min on dark cycle.
    I'll be watching
  5. I hope! All colas seems to be affected. This morning I got up and found 3 stems collapsed due to weight. if she swell some more its gonna be a fantastic harvest.

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