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  1. What you don't know, but need to know prior to buying FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer products! I'm taking this opportunity to educate all of the high quality, organic, health conscious, vegetable / cannabis growers in our growing communities. Do you love FoxFarm products? If you do, be very careful using their soils for your gardens. It is a FACT that every bag, of every potting soil they manufacture, contains a high percent of a raw material they source that is collected from multiple hazardous waste cleanup dump sites. Here is a little back story: FoxFarm is located in the remote parts of Northern California in Humboldt County. Over the years as they have grown, because of your support, they have ran out of local raw materials forcing them to search for cheap alternative raw material components out of the area that they can use in their soil mediums. FoxFarm in desperation reached out to the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) for support. FoxFarm and the DEQ partnered up to clean up facilities that are required, by law, to remove millions of yards of contaminated soil from their facilities. Items pulled from these dump sites include, but is not limited too: numerous full rusted and leaking barrels of waste oil, large rubber equipment tires, hazardous chemical waste, steal, metal and a wide variety of other hazardous materials that have leached for decades throughout the soil. FoxFarm gets this material for free to remove it from the property of their corporate customers. It is then screened and processed, the product is removed each growing season and blended into all the potting soils they produce, that you plant your garden in. This is a perfect relationships between FoxFarm, the corporate vendors and the DEQ. The vendor has an outlet to remove this contamination that would potentially cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if not into the millions to remove, the DEQ can recommend FoxFarm as a possible solution to their customers forced to remove contamination and FoxFarm has a new product to sell to you for years to come by locking in contracts for each dump site. You may ask how they can do this? How is this ok? Well, since the product is blended with other raw materials, it is deemed to be in small enough quantities to be safe for your use even though it is one of the highest ingredient percentages used in their formulations. The contamination is then dispersed all over America. This contamination and your risk adds up if you're using 10 bags or 10 pallets or full truckloads for your gardens. If your trying to produce a clean organic vegetable or medicine for yourself or your customers, I feel you have a right to know this. Do your research, educate yourself, call them and push for the truth. You can reach their customer service department at 707-443-4369 or ask for the owner "FoxFarm Willy" at his Arizona office at 480-306-7555. Here are the mined piles of contamination at an undisclosed remote location. . These piles that they posted on Instagram are 100% deemed contaminated by the DEQ! This is why "Natural & Organic" was truly removed from their bags and you now see "Smart Naturals". I am NOT telling you to NOT buy their products, but simply advising you of the risk you are taking if you use their products and so you can make an educated and informed decision when your choosing the right soils for your gardens. Don't just believe that their products are safe just because of the fancy artwork. It's all just marketing! They hash tag these phrases #madewithlove -but it's made with contaminated waste, #donttreatyoursoillikedirt - but it IS contaminated dirt!, #growyourown - but your poisoning your food and medicine, #onlythebest - it's merely a mirage!!!! #behonestfoxfarm #truthbeckons
  2. Just curious as to how you happened upon this info. I use the ff full line along with bush doctor. I completely fail to see enough benefit for ff to risk their entire reputation on used tires. Rusted 50gal drums.... While needing to be handled really adds heavy metals to the mix. If the other waste is oils and left over fish, bone meal, or any other type of organic waste. Idc about that. Imho its the best option for slaughter house waste, shit and all. People in fl bitch about huge cesspools of chicken shit and waste behind the massive chicken farms. This "waste" is liquid gold for many farmers. Nothing wrong with it either. Now. If you can without a doubt give me reliable sources as to ff putting harmful chemicals, and biowaste into their products and I'll not only switch, but boycott and spread the word as well. However for now, I simply smell marketing

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  3. As of now your proof seems to lie in unsubstantiated allegations. Undisclosed location, unsupported video. Can you say shady?

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  4. I used to use fox farms. I don't any longer after contacting them with questions about their organic and non organic products. They're happy to answer questions about their organic products but ask for details on the others like tiger bloom and you get the run around. I have no issues with fox farms just prefer an all organic approach as opposed to a mix of organic and synthetic. Now I build my own soils and know what's in it.
  5. Ya numerous other non organic fertilizers. I'm not saying anything against non organic products. It's just my personal choice to grow fully organic not an odd mix of organic and synthetic. Which by the way that's not really possible once the non organic products are added it's a non organic grow. My question they danced around was why they sold the product microbrew aimed at building and maintaining the microorganisms that are needed in an organic grow but are severely damaged by their salt based synthetic products where the micro herd isn't such a big deal. Sounded to me like it's a bandaid fixing the damage to the micro herd from the salt based products. It just didn't make sense. Then I thought about it. What better way to sell you additional products then to sell organic products that don't quite mesh with synthetic products and a new additional microbrew fix. Kind of like the flushing agent. That's absurd, just another product to sell.
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  6. It is only my intention to bring the truth to light. I have nothing to gain! Nor am I pushing other products or manufactures. I'm giving you tools to research. I know this from first hand experience.
  7. In your research ask where this picture was taken. It's not there facility! Ask what the material is and why it was mined and stacked in these piles. This number could help you as well 503) 229-5066
  8. yep, it's the oldest trick in the book
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