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    So i just got the 3 big bottles of big bloom, tiger bloom, and grow big. My question is can i mix the tiger bloom and big bloom together in my water or do them seperate?
  2. Anyone?
  3. Search it up on google my freind but what i hear its a big no no to mix the nutrients mate
  4. Ok so just do the tiger bloom in on one water and the big bloom in a seperete container of water and water with those 2
  5. I mix them in my watering container with the water. Works just fine.
  6. create a watering schedule and simply vary say between water and big bloom, then water and molasses and tiger bloom, or big bloom and water then foliar feed with seaweed, etc you get my point? you will notice that youll need half the recommended doses or else they will start dying of over fert or under fertilizing. also, you will notice that other types of organic feeding will boost the plants health.
  7. LOL it doesnt matter its preference i mix mine.....i use general organics tho
  8. here's the feed schedule, and yes mix the nutes as directed... for instance week 7 on the schedule, you would add 2 tsp grow big, 2 tsp tiger bloom and 1 tsp of big bloom all together in the water.
  9. It feeds more evenly if you mix it. If you use one container with big bloom and one with tiger bloom, whatever one you water with first is your plants will suck up more of, and the second will be run off.

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