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  1. 57B8ED5E-90C8-4449-A15A-E7818E8477C8.jpeg 208436F5-BFA9-4646-95FA-68342E09A87D.jpeg 29E953B0-4D93-4615-990B-9ABC21D74B9A.jpeg hello all,
    I am new to cannabis growing and have decided to take on more challenging tasks and am curious to see if anyone can help me with these foxfarm nutrient fertilizers??! I am more or less worried on proportions so if anyone has info please let me know!!
    thanks! (;

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  2. Do you understand what nutrients are in each bottle and buy them accordingly.
    Or did you just buy them off the shelves cause some body recommended them to you?
    Will help somebody know how to properly explain it and at what level you will comprehend...
    That is a 3 part system designed to use part one with part 2 then stopping part one and fading over to part 2 and 3.
    Just an fyi.. the best thing to do is dedicate some time like all of the successful growers her and learn how to grow pot. You have to learn the basics at some point. Reading a bottle for instructions and not knowing why will lead you back here asking people how.
  3. I
    I used ff for about 2 years. About two-3 weeks in I’d start using big bloom at about 1/4 strength and work my way up in strength as plants showed signs of needing more.
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  4. awesome! thank you!

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  5. for the most part, otherwise that’s kinda why i’m asking questions and doing research pal. and it’s pretty simple to figure out there are 3 stages to the feeding considering there’s 3 different bottles and the chart it comes with tells you when to start and stop feeding them. more or less just wanted to see if anyone had any special advice/tips.

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  6. Start with big bloom in seedling and veg. U can use big bloom start to finish. It’s just an additive, the name is misleading.. after it’s in full veg start using grow big also...
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  7. Pal inclines a degrading tone.
    Please don't personalize my comment as offensive or direct at you. As I do not know your level of grow skill nor your gender even for goodness
    how can I judge you?
    I must say a lot of people are starting first day is today.. an answer would have to be tailed to a skill level for proper understanding.
    Now that I know were you are 3 years familiar with product that is great we can skip all the pleasantries and get down to it.
    You pretty much know how to use your product already that's great ! Maybe you have reached the ceiling with its potential as a product. At this point I would look into biostimulates and vitamins things that will help your plant uptake more of what your already using.
    And or giving it a little extra of what it needs at certain times. It sounds like your attempting to either fine tune what you have or look for better results not neccessary how do I use these
  8. I highly recommend products from "Raw Saluables " you can purchase each individual nutrient in a separate bag and it will help you learn when exactly to give your plants that nutrient and why..
    That is how you fine tune your current system.
    You can add phosphorus without all the extra junk you don't need. It's a great program to boost your current program
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    id love to make my own feed(tea and soil)!!! Im adding a cultured tea this round. While organic growing and teas are over my head from what I under stand it helps break down the food in the soil so the plant can access it......
  10. This may be a good place for advice
    If you want me to explain why your playing both sides of the fence right now.
    Organic/non organic is like oil and water they do not mix. I can explain but it's a bit of a message to type so I will wait if your even interested or not.
  11. R u talkin to me or OP? I stopped with ff this grow(still using ff soil tho). I’m using/trying out for first time nectar for the gods romans regimen line this grow
  12. I had to incorporate a cal mag solution starting around week 4 tapering off about week 7. You may want to get some to keep on standby. Also i use FF ocean forest soil that has nutes in it that usually last till about week 3. Once i start introducing nutes i water with 20% run off everytime to prevent salt build up in the soil. Best advice is if you dont have one is to get a TDS tool to check ppms in the water run off to tell you how much your plants are eating. Example you feed them 1000ppm and on non nute water day you tested run off at 500ppm , you now know they ate 500ppm from last nute feeding. You then gauge how much they are eating by how much to feed them on the next nute feeding. So if they are eating less than what fox farms feed chart says to dose them at then dial back the nutes to lower ppms so you dont burn your plants. Always start adding nutes at 1/4 strength for a few feedings to see what they are eating and adjust from there. Hope some of this info helps you out. Side note i also use the FF 3 part bloom boosters with their Bembe molasses.
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