FOX still censoring Paul?

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul: We Can't Say Cut Spending For Food Stamps But NOT For The Military Industrial Complex![/ame]

    Good interview overall, but check out following 1:49 when he starts to talk about Republicans dropping the ball during the reign of Bush... :eek:

  2. Incredible...
  3. Ron Paul is the new Ross Perot. They just give us that guy so they can watch us all lose hope. He's as much a political tool as the next man. I know this will upset his fans. I'm sorry in advance.
  4. How is Ron Paul a political tool? He was about to rail against the Republicans until they cut him off...

    Also, as a fan of Paul's, I'm not upset. I'm simply dumbfounded awaiting clarification. Why is he a political tool?
  5. Think of him as a show the the political sphere plays for us to put us to sleep. Like a CD of soothing sounds that make you feel good and forget what politics actually entails.
  6. Uhm, this doesn't explain how Ron Paul is a political tool. Nice try I guess... :rolleyes:

    Mind clarifying that specifically? How is Ron Paul a tool. I don't care how he's being used by Fox News. Fox News will do what they do and Paul can't stop that. Unless you have some riveting new evidence on Paul's dealing with Fox News, I think I'll be going to bed now.

    Explain how he's a political tool. Justify that obvious slander.
  7. Requests for endless elaboration, if responded to endlessly result in a reductio ad absurdum. I know how you feel about your fallacies, so I'll let you miss the point as you will.
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    Are you kidding me? You make up a name and throw onto Dr. Paul and then claim I'm making a fallacious argument? :laughing:

    Why is Ron Paul a political tool? What makes him a political tool? I don't think I'm being unreasonable. I'm not making requests for endless elaboration.... You made a direct slander against Dr. Paul and then continue to NOT justify it with anything other than nonsense.

    Let me know when you find something meaningful to back up your ridiculous label. Until then...:wave:

    That's not what he is though. That's what you "think" he is. Again, until you justify this ridiculous "thought". I'll be waiting. You made up an opinion, one that happened to attack Dr. Paul and you're failing to justify it at all.

    Just fyi, Paul's been in the House of Representatives for how long? He's been railing for freedom for how long? Yea, he's a political tool alright... Taking in the big bucks from the corporations... :rolleyes:

    It's almost as if you wouldn't know a political tool if it was thrown at your face but when the one guy who actually seems genuine (hasn't really changed stances on any issues in a long time...) goes up there and says what he's been saying for decades you label him a political tool.
  9. wow, that was just blatant. Fox really is just a propaganda network, its hyper criticism of the government will change back to hyper praise and defence of the government whenever the republicans next win office.
  10. :eek:

    That is outrageous...

    Im surprised that Dronetek is not all over this obvious media bias by part of the MSM ...

    Guess he must have being too busy policing CNN, CBS etc...:)
  11. In the video she states that
    in a recent rasmussin survey... 29%of likely US voters apparently are now saying that they are tea party members or know people that are part of the movement...

    I know this isn't the topic but I thought it should be pointed out as a perfect example of how poll questions can be used to mislead about their results.

    It's very easy for the person that the results seem to favor (in this case a tea party member) to hear the first part 29% now say they are tea party members, but to drop the second part ....or know someone who is in the movement.

    I know it's not the case but they could be spinning the following data and still have that statement be true. 1% tea party members, 29% knows someone who is in the tea party movement. This is why polls can't be trusted, people will find a way to spin the results to say what they want the numbers to say. She suggested that the tea party has grown lately (think they used to say 20% membership but let me know if I'm wrong about that) ...then adds... if you also count the people who know a member.

    **Disclaimer** I'm not fox bashing here. You can find this kind of spin pretty much everywhere in politics and media, and really almost any time someone quotes survey stats.

    RE the original question: I do think the media used to ignore him because he wasn't considered a real candidate. It was easy (as a supporter) to feel they were censoring him, but in hindsight, I realize all the 3rd party candidates got the same shitty treatment. I think it was just a technical glitch, they do happen.
  12. It was the liberal media!
  13. I thought you didn't care about media bias and found such threads tedious? Oh wait, this is a Fox thread so you're now suddenly interested?

  14. lololololololol, theres a point there.

    Jesus, its shameless censoring. They literally cut out only what they did not want.
  15. I am hardly a fan of Fox news but I tend to agree that it was a technical glitch. The timing was unfortunate and certainly rather remarkable but considering the entire anti-establishment trend of the tea party and it's Republican candidates lately it just doesn't seem to make sense to me that they would cut that out intentionally.

    Perhaps I tend to give the benefit of the doubt too freely however. :p
  16. And your apparently uninterested, what a coincidence!

    I think Ron Paul should just leave the republican party...
  17. the others should leave the republican party.. not RP the only actual republican in the GOP
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    Have never called your exposes on the bias of the MSM in America today tedious...:confused:

    In fact i find them invigorating and insightful and lament their loss on the days you do not post any new exposes...:)

    You need to get on to this Dronetek..

    Expose their filthy poisonous bias for what it truly is !!!!


  19. Just call them RonPaulicans.

    "Are you a Republican, or a Ronpaulican?"

    Reagan was pretending to be a RonPaulican, until elected, then quickly became his true self.

    Sarah Palin is trying to imitate him, Reagan that is. Ron Paul found the Reagan years so disturbing that he ran for president in '88 against the Republican nominee, Satan himself. (George H.W. Bush). And ever since, he has aligned himself with the Republican party while espousing Libertarian politics.

    I just hope people can tell who's the bullshitter in this movement, and who is a truth teller.

    And yes, that was a definite 'cough button', used in the interview.

    It's operated by Dick Cheney!:D
  20. Do you think ron paul will actually beable to change anything if elected? Sounds a lot like the hope liberals had for obama, except for it will be worse for paul when no republicans or democrats back him in congress.

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