Fox News Pulled from UK TV (lack of viewers)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Slick21, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. In a nation of 65M, that`s one hell of a slap. Thoughts?
  2. Still very concerning that there are 2,000 Fox news viewers out there. That's a lot of "dey took are jabs" heads.
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  4. Good now if they can just get rid of it in America that'd be great
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  5. Sky stops broadcasting Fox News in UK - BBC News

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  6. i can see where thier ratings would be low there,,,, the B.B.C. is a damn good news orginization.... so of course. from a business prospective why not pull the plug? plus right now FOX NEWS is going thru a massive reorginization.... mainlly because the coservative idea men that were running it. has expired. and it;s been passed on to thier siblings,,, and thier siblings arent exactlly what thier parents were. and are taming it back.. to the point of proablly ending it alltoghter,

    and whats left after that ? fake news ??


    and a lot of people this day and time. get thier media from the web.... it's all gonna eventually fade out. as does everything when a new product comes along...

    no news here... just a bunch of domino's falling. as predicted.
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  7. I'm assuming you're not from the UK? BBC is not a good news organization
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  8. no im not. i just catch it sometimes on XM radio.... and ive found it very informative to say the least<-------

    and what news organization would you say was the best. or close to it,,????
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  9. I take them all with a grain of salt but prefer Sky news. BBC tends to be quite bias and doesn't report on a lot of things such as mass protests etc.

    A lot of people outside the UK seem to look upon the BBC like it's something it's not. They hid Jimmy Saville's sexual offenses against children for decades.
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  10. Was Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity part of the FOX UK nightly line up?

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