Fox News needs to die.

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  1. And all it's affiliates too. They are some corrupt, racist mother fuckers, and I just can't stand it. The other day I was visiting my great aunt, she was watching fox news and Nancy Grace, and I sorta just left. Didn't want to listen to that bullshit. :mad:
  2. Its OK, News of the World in the UK got shut down; the rest of Murdoch's empire can't be too far behind...
  3. yeah I hate faux news
  4. Fox is the worst, glad to see other people agree too because my mom loves it, I always tell her its shit. She doesn't listen.
  5. I am the only one that likes fox.
  6. More like the mass media needs to die. Chances are, whatever news station you watch is owned by the same corporation that owns Fox.
  7. I don't know if they are racists or corrupt. I know that they have some really different points of view that I don't see on other stations.

    For example I saw Christopher Hitchens on fox several times and really enjoyed his comments. For those who say that all you hear on Fox is for right-wing Christians, well why do they have Christopher Hitchens, a super intelligent outspoken atheist, who wrote for The Nation, on the station more often than I have seen him on any other network except for the Charlie Rose show.

    The Hannity and Colmes was one of the best shows on television before Colmes left. Colmes was an excellent liberal commentator and the jarring between Colmes and Hannity was great tv. I didn't watch the Hannity show once Colmes left except to see how painfully poor the show became with Hannity by himself.

    I don't really watch Fox or any other news networks anymore, so I don't know who they have on the station now, but Juan Williams was no right wing wacko. This is just stuff I remember off the top of my head.
  8. There's nothing that wrong with being a partisan arsehole.

    But there is a problem with being a partisan arsehole who utterly refuses to acknowledge that fact.

    How they get away with saying the shit they do under the guise of being a legitimate news's fucking disgusting. But the scariest bit is the fact that many, many people are unwilling or unable to realise that fact.

  9. Lol nice website
  10. Not completely true, in the UK most of the media is owned by Rupert Murdoch, he owns 'The Sun' which is the most bought newspaper there. 'The Guardian' is a competing newspaper owned by a different company.

    The only reason that this phone hacking scandal is getting the light of day is because the other media empires that are predominant in America have smelt blood and are hoping to take down his empire, giving them a greater market share.
  11. yea they piss me off. i was flippin through channels and i heard some bitch talkin how bad extreamism is, excluding christian fundimentalism, WTF?
  12. yeah!

    we should just have one opinion put out there on the news, and everyone should believe the same stuff.
  13. Bill O Reilly
    Nancy Grace
    Rupert Murdoch

    and the rest of those right wing religious zealot fundamentalist can take their corporate political agenda and shove up their tight assholes. EVERY thing they say comes from Murdoch's desk and is biased beyond reason. I fucking HATE Fox news with a passion. If i ever see Bill O Reilly in public, grasscity has my word i'll receive a criminal charge that day. He's a tyrannic puppet that brainwashes the masses of this country. Fuck you bill your day will come.
  14. We're talking about the network which gave jobs to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and an entire staff of blonde bimbo right-wing nutjobs. Anyone who watches Fox News and respects it is either a racist or a retard. Honestly, there's no other reason why you'd like Fox News.

    It's not funny because it does so much damage. Fox News is what gave the TEA Party retards their "credibility" and is responsible for much of the crap going on in Politics today. Before Fox News became the mouthpiece for the right wing, partisan politics were far more civil and congress actually tried to do something other than fuck up the country so the evil black "socialist" (because any true socialist would have already legalized pot, decriminalized all other drugs and opened up trade with Cuba) can be kicked out of office.

    If you like Fox News, please show up at my boxing gym with a shirt saying "I like Fox News" so I can punch you in the face.
  15. What are some of these lies you all love to talk about but never show evedence? Do you have any proof or sources? Something non subjective? I would much rather watch Fox News than Keith Olberman and those other liberal Obama blowers at msnbc.
  16. Why are so many people complaining only about Fox News? MSNBC anyone? It's the same shit just from the different side of the aisle, but apparently that's okay with everyone. Fuck Fox. Fuck MSNBC. Fuck mass media in general. I blame the political turmoil in this country on mass media. Mass media makes it impossible for people to form their own opinions on shit because they lie about everything.
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    There are entire websites dedicated to the lies of Fox News.
    Here's another one...
    They even lie about Ron Paul!
    They lie so much that Canada has actually forbade Fox News from operating in their country because they have a law which forces news stations to only tell the truth...imagine that.

    Just read what I said earlier about the type of people who actually support Fox News.

    Plus, Keith Olbermann...not at MSNBC and hasn't been for months!

    FWIW, I think CNN and MSNBC are also garbage. They show morons and their Twitter comments when they should be airing actual news. I've never seen any news about Africa, Asia, The Middle East, South America or even Canada unless it directly impacted or involved the US. Even BBC World News is VASTLY superior. I don't want to hear the opinions of broadcasters, I want them to report the freaking news. I don't want them talking about how there's a "war on Christmas"...seriously morons?
  18. It's a bunch of simple minded idiots that are given a distraction (fox) by their big media thought controllers and they run with it, with blind allegiance and question nothing. I have issues with fox. But as someone who (not proud of this, wish the rest could catch up) is intellectually superior to the majority of Americans I understand that the problem is the entire way we receive our newmedia. People don't understand that whether fox dies tomorrow or not, the government is still interfering, in a very significant way, with the flow of information. It's called media monopoly and it's made a fool of us all. It's called a violation of Freedom of Press, which is promised to us in the constitution

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