fox news is racist..................agaisnt white guys

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  1. in the age of 'reverse discrimination', which manifest most often as being overly sympathetic to black folks, or really any sort of minority at the expense of the 'average white guy', you would think Fox news would be on the forefront of attacking this trend. however, it appears that they are right on board with it. particularly on hannity's 'great american panel', ive noticed it. the panel is set up 2 against 1, in favor of conservatives, which is ok by me considering msnbc doesnt even attempt to appear bipartisan. but what gets me is that, generally, the 1 liberal is a white guy and the 2 conservative usually consist of a female and a black guy, and if 1 of the conservatives is a white guy they counter balance it by having his teammate be a black female.

    ive noticed this throughout fox news' programming from time to time: in *controlled* situations being overly sympathetic to black people and throwing white males under the bus by having the former play the 'good guy' role and the white male play just the opposite.

    just an observation
  2. You still watch fox news???

    especially fox 25 around here man, all they do is speak bullshit.

    I agree with you, except the use of the term reverse discrimination, its just normal discrimination...
  3. ya my mom has it on 24/7 and i dont mean like local news i mean fox news. ya know? bill oriely and shit?

    as for the 3rd thing i used these things '''''' for a reason
  4. i think youre probably just looking into it too much

    but i might be wrong
  5. I think they're just hypersensitive to their visible lack of minorities so they overcompensate with as many "tokens" as they can.

    Insert Uncle Tom reference here.
  6. So, by having people of other ethnicities they are discriminating against white males?

    I don't get your logic.
  7. Just.... stop supporting FOX already.
  8. Yup that says it all, kind of like how advertisements will always have a white, hispanic, black, and asian person in them. It's so you can't call them out on having an all white male cast.
  9. no. in controlled situations such as The Great American Panel:

    the white males plays the designated 'bad guy'

    the others play the designated 'good guy'
  10. Maybe they're just trying to make conservatism hip.
  11. get this im a white/redneck riding my mountain bike down downtown in a mexican naborhood and a white cop with his asian cop pulled me over when i was riding through the mexican naiborhood they talked to me for 30 min's i was on my lunch break from cullinary arts class the white cop even checked out my balls he reached around me to check for weapons yeah sure my balls were the weapsons he was checkin fuckin gay fuck
  12. Wow. ^ I couldn't have said that better myself. That was just one sentence, believe it or not.

    But I don't think fox is racist towards white people in any way. I don't think the reason they have a white guy and a black guy on some shows disagreeing with eachother slightly is racism.
  13. i think its mostly if their talkin about obama they usely have a black person on the show talking about obama they allways have 1 or 2 black people in the news with whites so it looks like its mixed feelings about obama etc my taought lol but it seams when i watch it and they talk about obama they usely have a black person on
  14. Haha, that's like in EVERY SINGLE commerical you always see a bunch of white people acting and maybe 1 or 2 minority-races mixed in, just so nobody will call them out as being racist or something.
  15. Man any fox news channel is a huge bullshit machine. Any 24 hour news channel is for that matter. From the sounds of it they are just trying to create a picture of "we give every group the chance to talk!" They are slammed so often for being the racist morons they are so they will try to reverse this.

    Still will always be this way. No sense in complaining.
  16. Fox news is full of bigots, liars, and sensationalist conservative fucktards.

    it isn't news. It's propaganda and it's bad for you.
  17. How come when a certain race isn't included, it is deemed racist towards then, but when they include those races they are accused of putting them there not to seem racist?

    Why the fuck can't people just get passed skin color? FFS.
  18. You guys don't think they have people that research this sort of psychology stuff to get the most viewers? It's called market research, you try to reach the biggest audience as possible using the least amount of money.

    I'm half black and white and I noticed this stuff since I was a kid. It's true on almost any type of major media. Think about commercials and even movies, not knock offs but drama/suspense serious type stuff.

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