FOX News: Geraldo exposes alcohol companies paying to keep weed illegal

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by P8NTBLR, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - Geraldo Rivera is A JackAss![/ame]

    check it out post your comments (tittle was copied/pasted from Barry Cooper's Website: Never get busted again .com
  2. Hell,I thought Geraldo was yards ahead of any other talking head on main stream media,he remembered last that alcohol prohibition ended 1 county at a time,the same way ending marijuana prohibition is trying too now.

    The more we learn about the initiative the more we see that the writers researched and
    are following a historical path of ending the prohibition. I like it better all the time
  3. We are doomed to repeat history xD
  4. he shut that bitch up at the end hahaa
  5. Geraldo is awesome, he has been a proponent for legalization for a while, me thinks. I think the reason he says it is whack is because he didn't think it would happen so soon.
  6. The opposition says "it isn't a well thought out law, it leaves it up to the cities/counties to make the rules"...

    Well like she said in the video, the legislature can step in and make state-wide regulations if they decide too... PLUS isn't that the job of lawmakers city/county/state??? to MAKE LAWS?? come on...

  7. Yeah, him and John Stossel have both supported it. Appearently, so has Glenn Beck, but I wouldn't watch him either way. Fox News has always had one or two sane people, sadly they're the quiet ones.
  8. prop 19 is going to pass.. and when it does if the feds or any one else try's to get involved they better be prepared for a civil war

  9. civil smokeout wuld be more appropriate, the herb brings peace.

  10. lol a real war on drugs! while california is on drugs lol
    YES ON 19
  11. Hopefully if everything goes well I will be moving to California early next year.

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