Fox is back? What?!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by foxracing500r, May 4, 2016.

  1. Holy hell its been years man! I haven't been to the forums in like 4 years now guys. Damn a lot has changed.

    I see my old friends haven't posted in so long. My buddy Tee 8sh See has been banned lol. We used to forum "Rap Battle" eachother and have competitions and votes to see who won.

    How has my fellow grass lovers been?
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  2. Pretty good

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  3. Hey! Nice to see you around these parts again :wave:
  4. We're still here, man.:bongin: I do remember seein' you around the way back then, though, so welcome back homie!

  5. Dmoney and Roy I remember for sure lol.

    Life just got busy lol. Work, kids, surgery and then work more. I've been in the process of messing around with things in the yard. Rebuilt an old racing quad, brought a lawnmower back to life, and been decking the truck out Zombie style.

    Still token. Have a little Kush, AK-47 and some Green Crack ATM. The Kush is keeping the old bones from feeling like crap all the time.

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