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    Can I put my seeds in it or is it to hot Iv heard both
  2. I've put seeds, sprouts and clones into it. It already has enough nutrients to feed your plant for about 4 weeks from sprout, so make sure you don't feed until she needs it.
  3. I've had great luck with my seedlings in OceanForest, I have even germinated in the soil. And just like DrummerMark said it already had Bat Guano and Earthworm castings in it so it will be a little hot if you add nutrients to early.
  4. Ive grown 9 plants in ffof, all of them became burnt. The soil has lots of nutes, if you want to use it I suggest mixing it half and half with some none nut soil. Plus its also really confusing on when your plants will want nutes with that soil, youll have to wait till they show signs of needing nutes otherwise its highly likley you will burn your plant.
  5. I started from seed in FFOF.

  6. im doing that now. 2 full days no sprout. not worrying, just taking some time. DAYUMN NATURE. YOU SCARY!
  7. Patience brah, its your best friend in this game haha. Believe me!
  8. I use FFOF and it's fine one week no nutes then add after that my cutting had dime size roots and is thriving now 5 day's root bound 4 '' pot i don't get this to hot stuff just wait a week hell if u waited 4 week's veg would b over with and well on into flower great soil and no need for perlite has already this isn't some 2 dollar a bag dirt ready to use hand's down just a tad salty retains moisture very well smelly only down side
  9. when that seed pop's u will c how good it is

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