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  1. I will be receiving my fox farms trio tomorrow and am wondering when it would be a good time to start feeding my girls. Their about a week old Wednesday..and their all popped out of the soil.. I will use 1\4 of the recommended doses and increase slowly watching for burn. Thanks I have auto\fems. Organic soil.

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  2. As long as your soil isn't full o nutes you can start per the bottle dosing, but I like to wait 2-3 weeks after they pop for even a light feeding. Just my preference.

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  3. So you feel it would be fine starting at full strength BC my soil has no time release nutes or ferts. And btw what strain you got in your avatar their gorgous.
  4. No I would still ease nto it. Even if it isn't "hot" organic soil will have some nitrogen. The nutes I use already has itself dialed down to quarter strength for the first week or two which I like. So if you're going to start right away use a quarter strength and see how everybody responds.

    The Strain in the picture is White Widow if I recall. It was a multi strain grow which just came down one and two weeks ago. I have scissor marks on my fingers from trimming both days this past weekend. Thanks for noticing!

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  5. What kind of soil you using?
  6. I'm using a organic blend from southern states it's got like pine bark..cow maneuver and now perlite.

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    Give your plant a chance to create a root system before you start pumping it with nutes. I'm assuming, since you're adding nutes, you're growing in a bagged "organic" soil rather than a soil you've mixed from a recipe. By using a recipe mix, you don't typically need any nutes at all...which is kind of the whole point of growing truly "organic." If you're growing an auto and you've done any research, I'm sure you've seen where the thing is to go ahead and plant your auto in the container it will spend it's whole life in. At least that's kind of the norm for most who grow them from what I understand. If you've got a tiny plant in a huge container, it's going to take it some time to build a root system. Usually, while it's doing that, you don't get much foliage growth or water usage. You'll see that start to happen once the roots are formed. If you're using good soil to grow in, and even though your bag said "organic," it's got slow release fertilizers in it already, you need to give the plant time to build up some roots, use some of the goodies that came in the soil and get some size on it before you hit it hard with more chemicals. If you fry them, you've stressed them and it's a setback. Any stress you do to your plants is s stress and they have to take time to recover from stress. Why do dumb things if you can know better and not do them. We don't grow autos and start ours in small containers and keep the root space confined as they come up through veg and have to use very few nutes at all since we use very good soil. Your plant is a weird one though. It does it's thing because it's genetically wired to do it...not because of anything the grower does. So if I were you, I would read up on growing autos so I have a real good idea of what this plant's life cycle will be like. They don't like sitting in wet roots so whatever you're growing in soil wise better have excellent drainage and not hold moisture like a sponge. Lots of those bagged organic soils have more of a compost type makeup and tend to hold water...which isn't good. Just read up on these plants. They're not like any of the normal strains that most grow. Also, learn how to know when to water your plants or basically how not to drown them and make sure your water/feed solutions (when you start them) are in the correct pH range for soil grows (6.3 to 6.7). All this stuff together makes for a healthy plant, but the real biggie as far as growing nice fat buds and big healthy plants, is lighting. Make sure you give them all the good strong lighting you can while in both veg and flower. It makes ALL the difference at harvest time regarding yield. More light equals bigger better buds!! Good luck and happy growing!! TWW
  8. My soil bag on the ingredients list was listed with natural stuff it diddnt mention nutes only ferts. I seen was cow manure. I did mix with perlite for better drainage. 75\25 ratio. Aoil seems to dry out so fast though. Also I started them up in solo cups later to transfer them into 3 gallon pots. I heard with smaller cup they will develop the root system faster.

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