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  1. I have the fox farms trio; grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom. If I use these throughout my entire grow and nothing else but other organic amendments would it be considered an organic grow?

    The bottles literally say organic on them. They have ewc and guano as well but organic growers normally say not to use anything that comes in a bottle and that all your nutes should be in the medium.

    I know what organic means so I can say that it technically is an organic grow, but I also know that some are picky. so what are your opinions?

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  2. ive wondered the same myself. i just use grow big and tiger bloom though... a few days ago i was skimming through a thread and someone wrote that FF wasnt organic. i thought it was but maybe your right when you say the stuff cant be from a bottle
  3. Just going off what ive read

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  4. Nope nope and nope it's not organic. Only the big bloom is remotely close to being organic outta them 3 bottles if you were to try and get it inspected you would not be able to list your product as a omri certified product.
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  5. For the cost of all that junk (which I own a full set still) you could buy the amendments needed to build a soil that would last you a lifetime if maintained correctly. Coot has a mother plant he's been taking cuttings off for over 30 years....and he ain't using no bottled crap. Only worm castings barley powder and alfalfa kelp meal and some good peat moss with lava rocks neem and basalt. Worm castings have loads of proteins enzymes and chitin from the malted barley, neem suppresses insects as well. It's all part of the soil food web which if done correctly you can save money on not buying pesticides or fungicide. Reuse the soil each grow the wigglers will eat the old dead roots along with the nematodes wood louses and such. Organic is not in a bottle very rarely is it anyways
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  6. Malted barley powder*
  7. Some day I will do thag

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