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  1. Anyone have any experience using Fox Farms tri-pak of soluables? Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, or Cha-Ching? Any advice on using them?:wave:
  2. I swear by the 3 part solubles during flower. My plants are fed 100% organic in veg, but once they get to flower I use the 3 part. I wish I could be 100% organic but the flower stage is not as simple as tossing some P rich guano on the soil. I don't know if Open Sesame works but it doesn't seem to hurt the plants. Beastie bloomz works. You'll notice the change a few days after starting; the flowers will start to fatten. I think Beastie Bloomz is the best of the 3. Cha Ching seems to work too, but you can achieve the same results by stressing the plant via a stem squeeze. I'm doing some experiments with wire hangers and supercropping where I break the main stem then make a spring with a wire hanger to wrap around the stem as an external skeleton. In my 2 attempts the plant turns bright green from the extra nutrient flow after 2 days. It also causes the stressed plant to put crystals on the leaves early when at early flower. It's very interesting to watch.

    I use full strength every other watering without any burn issues. A lot of people here tend to start low then move up to full strength or stay at half or quarter strength. I don't know why.
  3. Thanks man, this helps a lot. Yea, Open Sesame hasn't seemed to do much for me, but I just administered the Beastie Budz, and we'll see what that looks like. You got a journal going on? I'm interesting in seeing about your experimentation or hearing about it when you finish.

    I really appreciate the advice on this.

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