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  1. Hey everyone just wanted to get some opinions on what I plan on using for my growing medium this year. I'm gonna mix 50/50 fox farms ocean forest with happy frog soil conditioner, and gonna throw in extra perlite because the conditioner has none, as well as some clay pebbles. Heard from someone before that they had both the ocean forest soil and the happy frog soil conditioner and they called fox farms and they said to mix it 50/50 so this is where I got the idea. But yeah it seems like it should be a good mix to go with just wanted others opinions on the matter. This would be my 5th outdoor grow and kinda still in the experimenting mode, seeing what works and what don't ya know. Thanks everyone!

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  2. Just a quick update I just ended up doing 75% ocean forest and 25% happy frog soil conditioner, the conditioner is more barky than I thought.

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  3. Hi. Fox farm ftw i agree. For pots i do .33 ocean forest. 33 coco and .33 perlite. Add happy frog to soil planting. Wasted in a pot. 20190612_052648.jpg

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  4. It's kind of funny I live where the fox farms facility is located in samoa, CA. Heard it sucks to work there and hella strict about smoking weed.
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