Fox farms soil questions?

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  1. i bought some fox farms soil online at amazon and i wanna know should i cancel it. im currently growing seedslings in regular 2.50 soil from hardware store.
    i just wanna know i don't want a bag of soil unboxed not covered coming to my front door in ocotber its all most winter you know kinda suspcious.
    does amazon conceall the soil or anything stealth?

  2. It will come shipped in a box from Amazon.
  3. thank god. thank god. anyways i might as well make a grow journal maybe. i'm growing blueberry bliss autos which are ww x blueberry.
    sadly last night i turned on my 1000watt MH bulb and had to close to the little seedlings and i lost 6 of my 12. including the diesel and juicy fruit i got as a gift from the seedbank. so i know next time i to keep the 1000 watt a good distance away from my plants.
  4. sorry to hear about FFOF from amazon came in a box, with bubble packaging very satisfied
  5. But knows what you're up to and will be watching...    :eek:
  6. We grow tomatoes and peppers indoors

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    Amazon doesn't give a shit what ur buying or why ur buying, just as long as ur buying and they could care less what u grow or don't grow with ur soil. They just want ur money buddy and they will get it cuz they got that system down "crisp"... Good luck my friend! Happy growing and stay medicated!
    I know, I order grow stuff from them too. Sheesh, tough room.   :)
  9. Haha. Yeah. Fox farm products are geared towards tomato growing. There's nothing shady about fox farm soil.

    The Dank Knight

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