Fox Farms Ocean Forest question..

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  1. do I need to add anything to this soil besides perolite?
    Do I need to add dolamite lime?
    if so what ratios?

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  2. Lime is good for ph I just add around half a cup to a cup per bag of FFOF. Ocean forest has enough stuff in it for maybe a month but you will definitely want to some stuff for flowering. Are you staying organic?

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  3. hey mop420head, that's the same situation I'm in, I have a plant it's about a foot tall. it's in bad shape I've tried everything to get this thing to grow the right way, I have it in ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414849114.322559.jpg some regular organic potting mix and vermiculite, and have been feeding it fox farms bloom and grow big.... I'm now going to try to switch to fox farms ocean forest and some perolite for better drainage... should I still be adding the bloom and grow big? the last attempt I tried to change something was I flushed it and cut the nutes in half and it seemed to help a little bit. what do you guys think? thanks for your time.

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  4. I would add some lime ffof is know for having low ph...also it doesnt need food for like 2 weeks just water and maybe some molasses with it to help start the microbes
  5.  It looks like you might have a few issues going on. Overwatering, overfertilizing, and inadequate lighting. How often do you water/feed? What kind of light do you have the plant under?
  6. I normally add 20% perlite and one cup of lime per 5g with ocean forest or happy frog
  7. Where do you guys buy your soil?
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    Fox Farm products come ready to go. The only thing I do is after I've used it, I re-up it with some perlite and worm castings. Just got my soil from summer vegetables recycled today. Added the perlite and some worm castings I had left over. Also dumped in a gallon of water with black strap molasses and then added 3 cartons of worms from Wal-Mart. The big red ones, not the canadian night crawlers. Fox Farm is high quality soil tom the factory. Adding lime and such is sorta risky. Don't want to kill off the micro-organisms living in the soil.
    I store my soil in big sterlite containers.
  9. thanks for all the info!!

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  10. I was over watering and over fertilizing. I fixed both of those issues and it seems to have helped a bit... right now I only have 5 cfls 4 are 6500k and 1 5000k... this is my first grow, basically a test plant to build up my skills. the pic is from about a week ago. since then I have shut off the one cfl on the right side because it seemed to be creating too much heat too close to the plant and also I have moved it closer to the top lights. I cut the bloom way down and cut the grow big in half and it seems to be growing faster ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414892673.596099.jpg .

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  11. so it's about two weeks later and I have transplanted her into fox farms ocean forest and added about 20% perolite. also have the big bloom cut back to 1/4 of the amount and the grow big cut to 1/2. I started using filtered sink water that has been left out for a couple of days to get the chlorine out. I started noticing better results the first couple of days. almost all the nute burn went away on the new growth and the leafs are a darker green color. also look how much bigger the new leafs are on the top! some new growth started forming on the sides also. I know this plants not perfect it's been through hell and back and I probably won't get anything out of it but it has served it's purpose as a test plant and I'm amazed how big of a difference just changing the soil and cutting back the nutes made. thanks for all of your help! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415453499.710273.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415453517.626150.jpg

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