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Fox farms ocean forest or fox farms happy frog?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by ToolMan1026, May 9, 2011.

  1. I had problems with seedlings in Ocean Forest. Wacky pH problems that I just couldn't fix. I cut it with perlite and it still burnt the crap out of them.

    I still want to use it later in veg because I have heard good things. Going soil less right now and my ladies look great.

    I thought about layering Happy Frog on top of Ocean Forest so I can use the rest of my bag. Was scared to lose more babies though. Hope that helped.

    Oh and like another poster has said, Ocean Forest does not hold moisture too well. It gets dry and crusty very quickly.
  2. Thank you.
  3. im using happy frog right now in my grow in my sig. I like it for the price. and my plants are thriving in it thus far. of course ocean forest is better, but it is a bit more expensive. happy frog will NOT disappoint though.
  4. also thank you for your input relevant to the question I asked, I think I'm going to go with roots organic though. I googled it and read a bunch of threads raving about it.

  5. Cheaper off amazon.com
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    Hahahahaha.....made my day
  7. i use happy frog and absolutely love it! great stuff. they are both made by fox farm. i use for 2 to 3 weeks before using nutes, it has a good amount but not enough to burn your plants
  8. ocean forest is happy frog but with a bunch of sea stuff in it,i would recommend getting some dolimite lime in with any of foxfarm products. the p,h seems to vary a little bag to bag. and the dolimte lime helps with the calcium and magnesium that the soil is lacking.i have never used ffhf but have used ffof a lot and the stuff is good, strong throu veg thou so dont feed anything but some micro nutes for the first 3 weeks and then ease into a solid feeding schedual and if not adding lime or using tap water make sure u use some cal mag plus from botnicare produts.... good luck mate:wave:
  9. oh yea avoid planting seedlings straight into ffof
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    Yes! Good call! You won't be dissapointed. If you can, buy a bag of barefoot organic castings to line the top of your soil with. I would put the roots of the seedlind into that instead of straight to soil as it wont burn those delicate roots. Mix mychorizal fungi in too and you'll be amazed how fast your lil girls grow. I went from seedling to 4 foot tall in 6 weeks using only water and 600w mh with a stalk bigger than a BIC lighter. Pretty good for indoor :) any questions feel free to ask.
  11. The vast majority of the journals iv'e read that use soil use FFOF if it wasn't good then there wouldn't be such a hugh following... On a side note how many 3gallon pots will 1.5cu ft. fill???
  12. Can anyone confirm that base-nute strength in FF soil varies bag-to-bag?
  13. 1.5 cubic feet is about 11 gallons.
  14. i use roots organic and started nutes during flowering and all looks good is my first grow

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  15. Looks good, no burn on the lower sets
  16. funny story XD
    the pineapple express and super skunk aren't handling it as well as the others but they were old, already half eaten by bugs, leafs

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