Fox farms ocean forest or fox farms happy frog?

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  1. I'm going to be buying a bag of soil for my next grow and want to get the best stuff I can. I'm in between fox farms ocean forest and fox farms happy frog. FFHF is 19.50 for 2.0 cubic feet and FFOF is 1.5 cubic feet for 22$. I'm wondering which is better, what are the differences? Money is not an issue.

    I'm not looking for answers like "fox farms ocean forests is better cause I used it and it worked good". I'm looking for someone that's tried/had both and can say what had better results. Thanks :smoke:
  2. "fox farms Happy Frog is better cause I used it and it worked good".
  3. canna pro + best available organic soil mix

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  4. I knew someone would put another soil up... That wasn't the question. It's between these two soils, as this is what HTG has.
  5. apologies. thought you were looking for the best!
  6. It's no problem, I should have specified that. If it were on HTG I would definitely buy it
  7. fox farms Happy Frog is better cause I used it and it worked good.
  8. Cool, nice to know theres a bunch of 15 year old kids on this forum
  9. Roots organics!
  10. frogfrog uses fox farms happy frog because it makes me a happy frog
  11. You think roots organic is better?
  12. Anyone else want to input? This is really imporant, I have good lights and ferts but not a good soil.
  13. Better than fox farm hands down yes. If you can get your hands on it use blackjack soil from Portland. Its a basic straight up organic soil that's cheap
  14. I don't think I could but thank you, I think I will go with this soil. What have you grown in it? I'm growing 4 auto's in it from seed to bud in the same soil and 1 pot.
  15. grinspoon pics up m8.
  16. Fuck all soils. Go soiless or coco. Much better growth and bigger yields. Also cheaper. 7.5 cubic meters is only $35 for the soiless mix. That's about 30 3gal. pots. Can get it at any grow store.
  17. I use happy frog with awesome results
  18. I don't have the nutes to do that. Trying to get my hands on some AN nutes. But for now I need a good soil, I have the 400w HPS and 100w MH for veg, a tent, ph tester, timer ect. Only thing I'm lacking is soil because they only sell MG around here.
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    Well, since no one has answered your question specifically, I have had experience and I have seen the results of both, though I have only grown with one, which is Ocean Forest.

    The main difference that I have seen, is the drainage. The Ocean Floor does not seem to hold water for as long, and I personally like watering a bit more because I can micromanage my nute intake better.

    Keep in mind that any premix soil can be made better with various additions, but seeing has how that isnt what you inquired about I doubt it matters.

    If your looking for a good fire and forget soil, Ocean Forest is good stuff, I have used it, it drains well, comes with a little perlite (I still added some more of my own tho), and highly reccommend it. You can check out my childrens for the results that I am seeing in my signature. I am uploading new pics tonight at some point so you can check back if you want even more proof that ocean forest is good.

    With either, they are Fox Farm, and if you end up adding your own nutes and stuff beware of salt build up. Nearly got one of mine.

    Good luck, good growing

    Edit: You said MG, I assume miracle grow? I am actually experiementing with MG: Vegetable Organic Premix.

    So far the plant has LOVED this soil. I dont like it as much as the plant though as it does not drain as well. I will use this soil again, mostly because its nereby at Homedepot and I can always add my own perlite into it when I try it again. I wouldnt shy away from MG: Organic, but if you can get Ocean Forest, thats way better IMO.

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