Fox farms nutrients schedule

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  1. just bought Fox Farm nutes for soil: Grow Big, Big Bloom & Tiger Bloom.

    According to their feeding schedule, you should be using 6 tsp of Big Bloom with seedlings and cuttings all the way through week 3. Then introduce Grow Big at week 2 with 2 tsp.

    On the back on the bottle it says 1 tablespoon to a gallon. This seems like a lot to me!

    also some are telling me they start nutes at seedling and some are saying to wait it out for atleast 3 weeks.
  2. the latter is very good advice euro seeds come with a free 2 weeks of food, maybe not the ,merican seeds tho?
  3. No feeding for 3 to 4 weeks. Is the plant nice and rich green? Then do not feed. After 4 weeks once you are in your final pots you can start feeding at no more than 1/4 strength.

    Ignore the dosing on the bottles as is way too high. Use only the feeding schedule.

    I never go above 1/2 strength by mid flower and still get burnt tips from nute burn.
  4. Hey! Thanks for the reply! Yeah the plant os super rich and green! It looks very healthy! people say give nutes to get a huge plants! Yeah I don’t think it works that way haha!!!

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