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Fox Farm trio regular nute line for hydro??

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by professorfinesser, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. I've been reading on this and could not find a definitive answer so I decided it was time to make an account and ask the questions myself. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so what feeding schedule did you use?
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    okie dokie, you CAN use the big bloom and tiger bloom in soiless, and you can use grow big as well if soil or soiless, but grow big liquid has a good bit of amoniacle N which is mostly no bueno for hydro systems like DWC for the most part (will work, but nitrate N is far superior in most hydro applications.

    IF your hydro application is soiless, your fine, if not, youll need the grow Big hydro formula and Tiger bloom, big bloom WILL cause plythium build up in most DWC reseviors but ivev heard its fine with NFT and Drip systems as well as properly maintained RDWC, but ive just used standard non circulating DWC's in 5 gallon buckets myself, and actually use the Flora nova lineup for that recently, it;s just easier for standard dwc..

    Its kind of convoluted, Tiger bloom is the same for the soil lineup, as well as the hydro, and big bloom is too, but grow big is different for each (but for a reason, it has lower overall N levels with a higher percentage of the N being from nitrate over amonia) and there is NO warning on the bottle for big bloom's use being not so good in non circulating systems. (my own experience, im sure you could pull it off, but im not at the DWC grow but 3-4 times a week and the owner is as hand off with it as possible, caused problems a couple times, which is why im using flora nove atm)

    But yea, both lineups, soil, and hydro are the same price so.....why not just get the hydro? or go with flora nova? about the same price for the same amount. Unless you already have the soil trio, then i would just say stick to soil or soiless until you run out, just my 2 cents. You havn't received a definitive answer imo because there isn't one lol.
  3. I ordered the soil trio without knowing they offered grow big for hydro. Im running a DWC with expanded clay for my substrate. I'll probably just stick to this until I'm out. Hoping someone will come with a feeding schedule. The help is much appreciated.

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