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  1. For anyone out there looking to see the results of using Fox Farm I have some pictures from my current Grow that could help. I have a few green crack plants that all went through a pretty severe nitrogen deficiency and upon doing my research on nutrients I decided to go with fox farm. Let me just say I am more than please with this product line and how it has helped my plants. After giving 5 of my girls the nutrients and 1 no nutrients I have seen the results and am very pleased. Note: I'm growing in 7 gallon smart pots with 50/50 topsoil and about 30% perlite and on top coco coir to help water retention and I read that coco can hold the salt that fox farm nutrients have so hopefully the coco keeps the salt out of the root zone because I also applied Great White Myco to help with root growth but I have no clue if this helps with the huge debate over synthetics and mycos. Anyway here are the pics of one plant with no nutrients and the other fed one 6tsp a gallon feeding of the grow big fox farm liquid fertilizer. Any tips or tricks are appreciated and stay toasty

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  2. By the way this is 7 days after applying nutrients
  3. I use ff

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  4. The top one looks yellow towards the bottom I'm guessing that's the no nute one. How old are they? Look small to have N issue already? Got pics of the rest?

    I'm 15 weeks in give or take and having N issues, useing ff trio for soil too. Start at reduced like you have but make sure you increase as the plant grows. I think my problem was I didn't adjust correctly. Also you can use the big bloom too if your useing grow big already.
    Also make sure you've got enough. I had 500ml bottles for 4 plants and I think ima run out of big bloom.
  5. U might not believe me but I started them on 4/20
  6. Also also I have 2 quart bottles of each so I think I might be set but these plants are taking forever because they were kept in small clay pots for the longest time becaus I didn't have the stuff to do a proper transplant like soil and bigger pots stuff like that so after going on a shopping spreemon amazon and other sites I ordered everything I thought I would need and transplanted them and they have being doing a whole lot better with the nutrients. And yes I can get pictures of the others

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