Fox farm trio nutes?

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  1. can someone please explain the correct way to use these nutes. i know people say not to go by the diections so can i get a little help pkease. these girls are 2 weeks old can istart the nutes now? and if im using 1 gallon jugs of water what will be the measurments of the nutes..thanks guys and gals!!
  2. Do 1/4 to 1/2 strength.

    if theyre that young your soil should still be sustaining them

    I wouldnt use any until you have a couple sets of 3 fingered leaves.
  3. can you check mine out and let me know what you think please.
  4. Check what?

    You should start with a 1/4 str for almost any nutes
  5. i was just saying check out my grow and to see if you had anytips for me but i appreciate the advice and tips man alot thanks.
  6. and for the watering how much water do i actually give the plants in 1 gallon pots?
  7. I'd give half a gallon then when they get bigger give em a little more
  8. Watering is easy...use the pick up method. Pot is heavy leave it alone, light its time to water. Theres a huge difference in weight of a dry and wet plant. Rule of thumb on nutes is less is better usually and use them only about once every 5-7 days. Your first 20-30 days usually though you probably wont need any since the soil should have what the plant needs.

    As for how much well look at the chart and do the math or use what it says but use only about 1/4 of that. As time goes on you can work your way up.

    Plants speak to you much like when your cooking your food does if you listen well in this case watch it. Things dont happen fast in the plant world so you'll know if its requiring some more nutrients...its much better though to use less then more. More can kill it, less wont.

    When I water I mix the proper nutrients for the size container and water till I get run off. I use Airpots so I run till waters coming out of the sides and bottoms. How much run off well I just kinda know just like you will as time goes on for whatever your growing in but some say like 1/3 run off I think.
  9. appreciate it man. can i mix big bloom and grow big together in the same gallon.
  10. You can mix nutes just make sure you're doing the right dosages per gallon.

    Actually I wouldn't use bloom I didn't see it said bloom. Usually you mix veg and bloom when you have first started flowering
  11. ok cool. im getting a 400w hps light tommorow. do you think i should throw it right in? right now i have 4 23W cfls and a 90w ufo led running 24/7.
  12. Yeah I would think so. Just keep it about 2 ft away to start

    Maybe even dim it if you can at first
  13. and the light scedual same 24/0 or should i change it

  14. Whatever it says to mix you can mix together.

    As a side note most nutes are sold in a Trio format like the one your using or a A + B bottle format. The reason being is for storage the components can interact unfavorably in the long term...why there kept separate. Also allows a more fine tuning of the product rather then a one size fits all nute.

    As time goes on look into supplements. Your trio would be the base nutes that you do once a week and supplements well most you can give every watering depending on what there for. Nute makers either intentionally leave out beneficial nutes or they dont act properly stored long term in the base nute solution. I think its the first reason.

    A good one to have is Cal Mag. Solves many many issues with grows.
  15. Up to you man. I did 24/0 for a long time and then I went to 18/6 because I root clones in my veg cab
  16. Here's what I use.

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  17. really appreciate the tips man.
  18. oh thanks alot!

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