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  1. Okay, so i just REALLY took a good look at the recommended dosage for Tiger Bloom for General feeding.

    its says to do every other watering... ive been doing every watering.

    am im doing damage by using every feeding?

    so im using now:

    (2)gallon watering can

    -Tiger Bloom - (4) teaspoons
    -roots organics by aurora- Trinity Bio Catalyst 2TBS
    -Mad Farmer-Mother of All Blooms- that i only use 1/4 of a teaspoon 1-52-32

    and i have to water the three plants i have every other to every third day. they really do suck up alot of water.
  2. That's too much. Stick with every other watering.
  3. damn. ive been at it for like 3-4 waterings now.

    im at 4 weeks 12/12 so i only have like 2 more weeks to add nutrients before i flush with only water right?
  4. its all about PPM. I would hold off on nutes for awhile.

    Parts Per Million is important to keep at a normal level for plant consumption. The PPM will vary, and typically increase in soil because the water is evaporating and the plant is drinking it with the nutes faster than the nutes can be consumed, so then as you keep nuting, you raise the PPM because there is food still left over from the previous watering. If you keep nuting, the food for the plant ratio in the soil becomes too high and will fry the plant.. i've done it and read up on it. It's more important for hydro to keep the "food ratio" or PPM at a steady level. Soil provides more of a leeway, but will also take longer to show stress. Anyway, I'd do a few of just watering, then nute at just 2 tsp + 1 tsp magical.

  5. This.

    Probably damn near every grower has had to learn that painful lesson at some point. I had the same problems also, and I recommend to the OP that you do as nugs man says. There is a LOT of nutes that have been building up in your medium if you have been feeding full strength every watering. It is probably pretty close to reaching toxic levels. Take care of it now before it causes real damage.
  6. Alright, now what?

    im at 4 weeks with an indica. thats about 4-5 weeks left right?

    should i water for one week then add nutes for one week.....THEN

    flush again to prepare for the harvest??

    what are my options here?. this is just my trial run but i want to go in the right direction right off the bat.
  7. heres what they look like as of now.

  8. Some strains, especially indicas, handle nutes better than others. It doesn't look like you did any damage yet. I'm sure if you fed every watering for weeks it would have led to a salt build up in your soil and burned your plants. But with only 3-4 waterings in a row, and what looks like nute tolerant plants, you're fine. Just go with the every other watering schedule until a week or two before harvest, then start flushing. You could even feed, feed, water if your plants can handle the extra nutes. But they need plain waterings in between. My headband were one strain that could handle being fed too often, but I always gave plain waterings at least once a week.
  9. The curled down leaf tips are some of the first signs of nute burn.
  10. They look good! I would water for 2 weeks without any nutes, then as the nugs are plumping and eating more, feed them some. It really is a trial and error. I've even heard of people using nutes all the way up until harvest.
  11. thanks everyone! :)

    ill keep ya posted...

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