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    I'm using Fox Farm Tri Pack liquid nutes with additives in coco coir. Being conscious of possible cal mag def. I was trying to figure out how much cal mag was in my nutes. The guaranteed analysis on the back of each bottle shows the percentages of each mineral/compound and what it's derived from.

    FF Grow Big (veg) shows it has 2% Ca and 0.5% Mg and both are listed in the "derived from section". (see 1st photo) However, FF's Tiger Bloom shows it has 0.5% Mg but doesn't show the Ca % although Calcium Nitrate is the first compound listed in the "derived from section" followed by Magnesium Nitrate. (see 2nd photo)

    I called up FF and asked, "why do you list and show the % of Ca and Mg in the Grow Big formula but in the Tiger formula it only shows the % of Mg, even though you have Ca and Mg listed first in the "derived from section", meaning Ca/Mg is most abundant in that formula?

    FF Response "Not sure why in the Tiger Bloom they don't list the % of Ca in the Guaranteed Analysis, always wondered that myself."

    I asked, "well in Tiger Bloom the Ca is listed first in the "derived from section" so is there more Ca in Tiger Bloom than Grow Big?"

    FF Response "Yea, there's more Ca in Tiger Bloom, we use tap water so you get some Ca from there also."

    So FYI, anyone using FF liquid Tiger Bloom in flower, it has the same amount of Mg as Grow Big but has more Ca, how much? Who knows?? Unfortunately it's missing in the guaranteed analysis.

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  2. foxfarm......... yuck!
  3. I use Sensi Grow and Bloom instead of Grow Big and Tiger Bloom... they have calcium in them so you don't have to use a cal mag. And they have been proven to get larger yields and more potency then other products
  4. what nutrients do you use tothehead since you hate fox farm so much ?

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