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  1. So when i water my plant in a mix of happy frog and ocean forest with added vermiculite the water doesn't go down further than two or three inches down in the soil

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  2. Ocean Forest is a very hot soil

    happy frog is crap and should only be used by the most desperate

    vermiculite holds water hence it holds nute

    IMO trash it all and use Fox Farm Ocean Forest with 25% perlite

    good luck you're gonna need it
  3. I did a 50/50mix

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  4. Is your soil compacted? Can we have a pic
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  5. It's in the ground

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  6. Yes hold on

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  7. I have always used FFOF. I don't think any problems I've had could be attributed to the soil. Never had any problems with it being 'hit' either. BUT!, I know others have had problems.

    It sounds like your compacted the soil too much when you put it in the ground.

    You gotta remember that when you water, it will compact the soil some, so that when you first put the soil in, don't compact too much. I only light push on it, then will water to saturation.
  8. She looks healthy
  9. The leafs feel like thin paper

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  10. Strain and nute info please
  11. Its fine, but if your concerned, just add more water or add it a quart at a time...

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  12. Soil seems ok. Sounds like you just gotta water more.

    Take something to poke holes in the soil, like a bamboo stick... Or pvc pipe... Something long that you can stab into the ground around the plant and make holes. Then just soak the shit out of it.

    Its outside and in the ground there shouldnt be any ill affects

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