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  1. I've used both in soil and am currently using the trio of soluables for auto's.
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    you don't need those (waist of money IMO) just stick with grow big and tiger bloom. here's my 250 watt grow and I only used nute's 3 to 4 time the whole entire grow pretty much only water the hole grow.
  3. I just got the Bushdoctor trio, is it supposed to be more natural than the other trio?
  4. Bush doctor is mearly 3 pieces to a 9 piece kit.

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  5. wow man u did that with barely any nutes with 250 cfl's....thats crazy
  6. I don't use the Trio  Just Grow Big and Tiger Bloom and get great results, I did use all 3 but  that was along time ago
  7. I have the same question, I used tiger, grow big, and big bloom last run but I was thinking of adding those as well OP ill follow until a good answer comes through
  8. Josephspare21 - that grow only has 250w? CFLs?

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    I've always always wanted to use those, but never had the cash to get extras. I went with stump tea and a few other things like molasses in dome waterings in place of them.
  10. IMO those extra "enhancers" are all waste of money. You can get much better results with worm castings/kelp/alfalfa tea.
  11. Well i own them and think they do exactly what they say..they just  arent organic.. People always doubted Open sesame but it had my bagseed plants showing sex 7 days after 12/12 and had so many bud sites formin when i fed it a few days before the switch... the other two def do there jobs of densing up buds and making em frosty as possible..just use water every other feeding
  12. That's how fast plants show sex on average after switching to 12/12. My current plant had pistils after 4-5 days in fully organic soil I mixed. I've also had plants that took up to 14 days to show pistils in the same soil mix.
    You know what makes dense buds? Good lights, good genetics, and a good overall environment. Not the enhancers you buy.
  13. ok and what im saying is when u have bagseed(unknown genes) and using CFLs(not good lighting) its pretty much needed..
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    its a 250 watt hps with sum supplement cfl's on the sides to beef up other buds.

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